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Orbis Review
Orbis Review: 10 Products That Live Up To The Hype

No time for a 9-step Korean skincare routine? You’ll love Orbis! It’s a minimalist Japanese skincare brand that’s been getting a lot of buzz for working miracles on dry, sensitive and acne-prone skin. But which of their skincare and body products really work? Check out our Orbis review to know which ones are worth your […]

Eye & Lip Wrinkles? Here’s the Perfect Wrinkle-free Serum to the Rescue!

Noticing those pesky eye wrinkles even though you are getting more than enough sleep? Relax! It is a natural sign of ageing. Unfortunately, one of the first areas where ageing can be seen is around the eye area. The second is the lip area! Wrinkle preventing serums are a quick solve for this problem and […]

best eye cream for dark circles
10 Best Eye Creams for Dark Circles At Every Budget

No matter how much sleep I get every night, I still have dark circles under my eyes. It’s a cursed combination of genetics, my bone structure and pigmentation. Fortunately, I have science on my side. The best eye creams for dark circles now have powerful ingredients that brighten the eye area in different ways: Lighten […]

Problem skin
The Ultimate Skincare Guide to Fight the Haze – For all Skin Types

The haze season is back in Singapore and we are definitely not loving it. The air quality may be getting better over the next few days. However, that does not mean that the haze is any less harmful to our skin. With high concentrations of air pollutants such as soot and dust present in the […]

For Beloved One
This Mask By For Beloved One Is About To Be Your New Skincare Secret

Whether it’s dark circles or those pesky wrinkles, we all want to know what we can do to get a fresher, rested look — starting with our eyes. It didn’t take long for the beauty industry to get onto this concern, and nowadays there’s a flock of eye cream formulas for every complaint out there. […]

The Body Shop
This Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Is The Perfect Superfood For Your Skin

Finally! A spot treatment powerhouse created by The Body Shop: a purifying, tea tree oil enriched with an anti-bacterial blend and organic tea tree leave extract that helps soothe blemished skin. A typical oil-based product might not be able to reduce the signs of your blemishes, but a little help never hurt particularly when it […]

high rated skincare products
High Rated Skincare Products According to Experts

If you are like us here at Beauty Insider who take skincare seriously, know that you are not alone when on the hunt for the next generation of game-changing skincare products in the market. After all, finding those holy-grail best skincare products not only cut down a big chunk of our time getting ready on […]

Best Eye Products Fresh Eyes
5 Best Eye Products You Should Use to Achieve Fresh Looking Eyes

Whether we are working extra hours or staying up to study, late nights plus early mornings can be tough on our eyes. We can develop dark circles and get puffy eyes. One look and colleague and friends instantly know we are not getting enough rest. What are the best eye products to get fresh looking […]

Best Face Moisturizer for Men
Be the Finest Man in The Land With These Moisturizers Specially Made For Men

The stigma that skincare is only for women is so 2000 and late. After years and years of extensive research and continuous development of many skincare products, the skincare men category has also shown great innovations, especially in the best face moisturizers for men group. See, there are big differences among men and women’s skin […]