5 Massage Therapies That will Give You A Full Body Wellness Experience

Massage therapies are a full body experience. The best spa and massage experiences help you feel rejuvenated from the min, body and soul. We at Beauty Insider believe in a total body wellness experience that will recharge you from the inside out. Experience a change of a lifetime at these 5 tried and tested spa […]

4 Apps to Get Insanely Cheap Spa Promotions Right Here in Singapore!

Finding cheap spa promotions in Singapore can be difficult, near impossible! We at Beauty Insider know how to get around those pricey deals– and still enjoy a luxurious time getting our worries massaged away. Lean in as we share with you the best kept secrets to finding the best spa promotions right here in sunny […]

Best Onsen in Singapore
This Spa Combines Two Famous Treatments to Provide Perfect Bliss

Should you soak in a detoxifying mineral bath, or get a relaxing massage? Why not get both? Yunomori Onsen & Spa – one of Southeast Asia’s leading spas — combines the famous traditional Japanese Onsen treatment with Thai massage. The Signature Yunomori Approach  Both Onsen and Thai massages can relieve stress, but when done together, […]

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5 Kinds of Detox Massages (and the Singapore Spas that Offer Them)

Some massages relieve muscle tension and shoo away bad vibes with aromatherapy oils. However, there’s another kind of spa treatment that most people forget to do: the body detox. Detox Treatments Vs. The Usual Spa Experience Detoxing treatments aim to boost circulation and drain toxins from your body. Most of them use gentle, wave-like movements […]

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3 Best Massage Treatments for Your Guy

Here’s a last-minute Valentine’s gift that ANY guy will love: a massage! He can detress, detox, and be in a much better mood. (And we all know what a pain a cranky, stressed out boyfriend can be.) Check out our Spa Directory for a full list of where to get a massage in Singapore, or […]

Singaporeans Swear by These Spa Salons for One Reason!

In Singapore it is often hard to justify the cost of a massage. There seem to be so many more affordable ones across the border or a plane ride to Thailand just simply seems more worth it. However, sometimes it takes a good Tui Na massage to knock off those tired aches and pains. Tui […]

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January Spa Promotions for a Luxurious Year Ahead in 2019

Tired after all the intense festivities from 2018? Scrub out the old and massage in the new with Beauty Insider’s top 3 luxury spa promotions packages for 2019. Hurry! Some of these promotions are running out by the hour so book your treatments now to gain these once in a life time luxury spa promotions […]