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Some massages relieve muscle tension and shoo away bad vibes with aromatherapy oils. However, there’s another kind of spa treatment that most people forget to do: the body detox. Detox Treatments Vs. The Usual Spa Experience Detoxing treatments aim to boost circulation and drain toxins from your body. Most of them use gentle, wave-like movements […]

Here’s a last-minute Valentine’s gift that ANY guy will love: a massage! He can detress, detox, and be in a much better mood. (And we all know what a pain a cranky, stressed out boyfriend can be.) Check out our Spa Directory for a full list of where to get a massage in Singapore, or […]

In Singapore it is often hard to justify the cost of a massage. There seem to be so many more affordable ones across the border or a plane ride to Thailand just simply seems more worth it. However, sometimes it takes a good Tui Na massage to knock off those tired aches and pains. Tui […]

Tired after all the intense festivities from 2018? Scrub out the old and massage in the new with Beauty Insider’s top 3 luxury spa promotions packages for 2019. Hurry! Some of these promotions are running out by the hour so book your treatments now to gain these once in a life time luxury spa promotions […]

Wearing heels and long hours of sitting in an office chair (basically, the life of every Singapore working woman) can really torture your back. Get quick relief with these best massages for lower back pain. Deep Tissue Massage There’s nothing like a deep tissue massage to relax all those muscles that have tightened up from […]

For those of us introverts who enjoy a good time away from the social scene after-hours there does not seem much to do in Singapore. However, with the onslaught of massage parlours popping up in every neighbourhood, it seems as though many parlours are deciding to corner the “late night spa” crowd. We at Beauty […]

The hardest part about living a in Singapore has to be the lack of affordable massage parlours at every corner. Due to all our lovely holidays in Bangkok or the Philippines, Singaporeans have grown accustomed to high standards of massage therapy at extremely affordable prices. You can’t blame us- we simply seek the best out […]

Japan seems to be the go-to destination for Singaporeans to have their holidays. The comforting eats, unique culture and of course Onsen experiences are all reasons why we flock there every year. This year, however, has seen the rise of Japanese based spas popping up all over the island. It is normal to be skeptical […]

Massage therapy is a go-to for most but not everyone can always afford the luxury of a 5 class hotel experience. Don’t worry we at Beauty Insider have our favourite affordable massage parlours that are sure to rub all your troubles away. Le Spa This lovely haven of quiet and calm is open 24 hours. Perfect […]

Having a pampering treat in Singapore comes at a hefty price. Looking for a short day trip across the border or at a nearby island? Beauty Insider’s got the ultimate guide to spas that cater to your every whim and fancy. Relax without worrying about cost and watch your troubles drift away in a haze […]

Foot reflexology is not just a fancy word for a foot massage. While both treatments will help you feel a lot better after a long and exhausting week, they give different benefits. (We think that’s actually a good reason to get both!) What is Foot Reflexogy? Reflexology is a special practice that involves putting pressure […]

In today’s fast paced life, it is easy to get overwhelmed by the daily stress. Holidays are often expensive and not always feasible. Looking for a better way to relax? Beauty Insider has curated a list of Singapore based romantic spa getaways that will help you forget your worries and sink into a lovely relaxing escape. For […]

Treat yourself to a skin brightening facial! We found three Singapore spas that are known for their amazing service and treatments. Just sit back, relax, and wake up with radiant skin! Geranium Skin & Hair Boutique: Antioxidant brightening facial Address: 26 Horne Road, BH Building #01-01 Sun exposure, pollution, late nights and stress – all of […]

Real talk: you may not realise it yet, but you seriously need some pampering right now. After another gruelling workweek, there’s nothing better than receiving some R&R at the spa. If you’re one of those ladies who regard spa treatments as a luxury and not a frequent occurrence, you’re not alone — a girl’s got […]

With tiring schedules and overbearing deadlines, we can all pretty much agree on how exhausting a week can be. Fret not, with a new season rolling around the corner, it’s soon time to embrace your well-deserved break. If you’re looking to detox, ease up and unwind after your hectic day, why not book a spa […]

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