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Beauty and beauty product trends come and go, but timeless beauty tips remain. A brand new year is a perfect time to explore and try beauty tips you haven’t tried before, but that doesn’t mean everything you’ve ever done from the past years aren’t as great. Here are 5 best beauty tips ever from last […]

Singapore’s most established training providers for Makeup Artistry and Beauty Therapy Courses – helps you shop for your Perfect Red.

Beauty confession: one of the reasons we love sunnies is that it’s a really quick way to hide half our faces when we’re not in the mood to wear makeup. But sometimes we want our makeup to shine through our specs. Here are 7 makeup tips that will help.

This natural makeup tutorial is the easiest, most natural, and fastest way to contour – and it uses makeup products you already have. The day of Kardashian-type contouring are over. While we love the idea of sculpting our face to slimmer, high-cheekboned perfection, we want it to look natural in daylight, because what looks great […]

Shopping for skincare can be very overwhelming: so many choices, advertisements, celebrity endorsements, beauty reviews. We asked dermatologists for the best way to screen the shelves for the best skincare products for you. Invest in sunscreen and moisturizer. These are the most important anti-aging products in your beauty regimen. Sun damage is the leading cause […]

Most of us have drawers full of makeup, but let’s be honest – most of us don’t have the time to put on a full face and meticulously blend out Kim-Kardashian levels of contouring. COSMOPROF MAKEUP ACADEMY tells us how to streamline our makeup game for days when we have to rush out the door.

Cold, refreshing, packed with anti-aging nutrients, and so cheap to make at home — can we love these delicious smoothies any more? Sit back, sip, and enjoy.

We ask the skin experts at Aesthetics & Beauty to share the food and eating habits that fight aging, acne, and inflammation.

If you have dark circles, your first instinct may be to hide them under thick layers of concealer. However, this tends to cake and crease, making your eye area look very dry — and very old!

We have all had cheat days when we went overboard and binged on yummy goodies – champagne, dark chocolate, salty crisps and icecream! Delish! Unfortunately, the morning after is not as divine when you wake up looking like the Pillsbury Dough Boy!

Singapore blogger Sydney Ho enjoys a makeup session with Cosmoprof, Singapore’s trusted makeup academy. Learn an easy makeup look that you can wear to work.

Want better skin, hair and nails? You just need a bottle of honey.

The short answer: twice a week for normal skin, once a week for sensitive skin. “Exfoliating every day can strip the skin of its natural oils, which can cause breakouts,” says celebrity facialist Joanna Vargas.

Ace the base! The makeup masters at Cosmoprof Academy answer the most common questions about foundation.

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