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Had one too many holiday cocktails? You feel it, and your skin shows it. Here’s how to treat “hangover skin” and the general misery you’ll feel when you wake up the next day. Drink lots of water According to Dr. Sandra Lee (better known as Dr. Pimple Popper) alcohol lowers your body’s antidiuretic hormone (ADH) […]

Don’t you just hate that time of the month? Cramps, bloating, headaches, backache… It’s not fun! The good news is that some women’s vitamins can help manage PMS symptoms. Take these if you always feel discomfort or even pain before or after your period.  Vitamin B6 PMS pain and emotional mood swings are caused by […]

Foot reflexology is not just a fancy word for a foot massage. While both treatments will help you feel a lot better after a long and exhausting week, they give different benefits. (We think that’s actually a good reason to get both!) What is Foot Reflexogy? Reflexology is a special practice that involves putting pressure […]

You work hard a lot and you deserve the best, like indulging a massage once in a while. But how can you get a well-deserved recharge if most of the spas are expensive? Check out these affordable spas in Singapore that won’t leave you broke while you relax. House of Traditional Javanese Massage & Beauty […]

You gotta hate cold sores. The fact that they are prevalent on the lips make a despicable connotation. Aside from stress, weather changes in Singapore especially the excessive sunlight exposure can also contribute to the illness. Here are some beauty brands and their products that can help you get rid of it: Compeed Invisible Cold […]

Bullying boss? Annoying colleagues? Stressful deadlines? Not many things can ease these work-induced tensions like a good, long massage can. Let the masseuse rub away all your knots as you surrender to the calming aromatherapy scents permeating the salon. Here are 5 pampering spots that are sure to rejuvenate you after a long, tiring week […]

The truth behind successful weight loss lies in the changes in behavior, lifestyle and consistency. While a great part of losing weight requires you to put really put the work in, there are other not-so-famously-known tips and tricks you can try to make it a little bit easier for your body to lose its fats. […]

Filling your diet with healthy and power foods can help beat chronic conditions like heart disease and diabetes. What you eat can affect your hormonal balance, cause skin impurities which are associated with skin aging. In fact, what you eat is as important as the serums and creams you apply on your skin. Here’s a […]

We’re too obsessed with taking care of our face that we often neglect body care. It may not be something you think on a regular basis but it definitely should. Maintaining your whole body is as crucial as keeping your skin healthy and glowing. Once you give the attention your entire body deserves, you’ll instantly […]

When a sudden bump of lines appear, it’s usually normal. But how do you get rid of it? Cellulites are old-fashioned fat that is caused by trapped toxins and poor circulation. It gets worse as we age because our tissues change, it gets thicker as our skin gets thicker too, making them more noticeable. Anti […]

You are confident, experimental, adventurous and bold. You love life and all the wonders that come along with it. You are not afraid to be alone, for solitude brings fun and opportunities to go even further. However, you are also not afraid to put yourself out there and connect with other individuals! Here are two refreshingly […]

Cold, refreshing, packed with anti-aging nutrients, and so cheap to make at home — can we love these delicious smoothies any more? Sit back, sip, and enjoy.

A bad night’s sleep can leave you grouchy and fatigued and that’s no way to spend your day, but nurturing good sleeping habits can lead to a myriad of health benefits including a stronger immune system, reduced inflammation and easier weight loss.


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