Charli & Dixie D’Amelio Collaborated with Orosa Beauty For a Limited-Edition Nail Polish Collection!

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When getting your nails down, bright colours portrays a much electrifying energy, whereas neutral shades help you feel calm and grounded. Hence why Orosa Beauty has partner with Tik Tok starts Charli and Dixie D’Amelio for a collaboration called: Coastal Craze!

This line of nail polish collection encourages beauty-lovers to use nail polish as a mode of self-expression and to also make a statement! Charli mentions: “I love doing my nails! That’s something that I’ve really enjoyed doing and that I’ve always been very good at keeping up with. The little things, like getting your nails done with fun colours that match your personality, is something that may seem so small but is really cool”.

On the other hand, her sister Dixie mentions: “I never really wore nails cause I was playing sports, but when I did, it just made me a whole lot happier, and I felt so much more put-together”.

This collection was launched on the 4th of August and it retails for USD $12.00 each. Also, this summer collection features shades like Piggy Pink, Beachy Sunset, Bahama Blue and Baecation!