Cheap “Me Time” Ideas if You’re Broke, Stressed and Stuck at Home This Weekend

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You’ve had a looooooong week, and you desperately need to de-stress, recharge your energy, and boost your self-confidence. But… you’re broke and stuck at home. Here’s a list of fun ways to pamper yourself and get much needed Me-Time. No money, boyfriend, or complicated planning required!

gelish manicure

Get a home-service mani-pedi

Netflix show? Check. Popcorn? Check. Now all you need to do is call a Singapore salon that does home service manicures and pedicures. While you catch up on your favourite series, you can get your nails done. It’s multi-tasking at its best. Find a nail salon near you through our Singapore salon directory!

Skin Care Tips

Try a DIY Beauty Treatment

We’ve got lots of super-affordable, super-easy DIY skin and hair treatments here on Beauty Insider:

Add an essential oil to your bath water

Your skin will feel and smell amazing. Plus, the oils are so concentrated that we bet your bathroom will end up smelling like a spa, too! To complete the luxe experience, light scented candles and play relaxing music. No room for bad vibes in this bathroom routine!

Pamper your feet with fuzzy socks

Just slather a thick lotion (or even Vaseline Petroleum Jelly) on your feet, slip on some socks, and then wake up with incredibly soft feet. The best part of this routine is that it gives you a good, guilt-free excuse to stay in bed and watch your favourite dramas for the rest of the night. “Uhm I can’t clean my room… I’m wearing socks.”

Order wine, cheese and gourmet food online

Ordering groceries? Add wine and cheese to your list. You can find an even wider selection of cheeses from the Gourmet Shop of Chef Julien, or get same-day wine deliver from PopUp Wine. Artisan Selections also offers meats and chocolates, while Phoon Huat Deli has natural and organic juices and teas (plus a whole lot more!).

It’s like getting the fine-dining experience without having to dress up, wait for a table, or deal with a snobby waiter. It’s much cheaper, too!

dyeing your hair

Dye your hair at home

REad our beginner’s guide to safely dyeing your hair at home plus hair tips from one of Singapore’s best-reviewed DIY hair dyes. Then once you’ve got your new dye, make the colour last with our guide to the best products for coloured hair.

hair repair treatment

Give yourself a salon-worthy hair treatment

Prevent bad hair days with the Best hair repair treatments you can do at home. Fight hair loss and dandruff with the Best scalp treatment for your hair type. Or check out Beauty Insider’s 2019 Beauty Awards’ list of best hair products. Some of the winners are less than $30, but make you feel like you got a salon treatment!


Get a massage for $70 or less!

Check out our list of affordable massages in Singapore, ranging from $40 to $70. Or, look for a spa near you in our directory, and make a quick call to find out more about their prices (and if they do home service!)

korean sheet masks

Sit back and put on a sheet mask

Sheet masks are the ultimate guilt-free pleasure. They only cost a few dollars, and all you have to do is tear open a pack, put in on your face, and lie down and let the mask do its magic. Find some of the best sheet masks in Singapore with these articles: