makeup tips for cheeks, glowing cheeks makeup

Cheek Makeup Products To Achieve That Asian Flush

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Glowing cheeks have been a thing recently. More and more people are still on the hunt for the best cheek makeup products and tips on how to effortlessly achieve the look without overdoing it. This Asian Flush or more popularly known as “drunk blush” look originates from a situation where Asians get “red” or blushes upon alcohol intake. It is slowly dominating the makeup and beauty world. People are fake looking“drunk” or try to achieve what they call “hangover beauty”. We’ve narrowed down a list of products and steps for you to actually achieve this hot makeup trend:


Benefit The Porefessional Pore Primer

This look includes the barest face you can wear. Skip your foundation and concealer by substituting a trusty primer instead. This serves as our canvas base before you put everything on. Stick on lightweight with pore erasing features so it can magically hide your imperfections while still looking like it’s really your natural skin.

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makeup tips for cheeks, glowing cheeks makeup

Blush has long been credited with anointing skin with a healthy heightening of color. Apply pink or coral tint or blush to the cheeks, under the eyes and extend down to the cheekbone and slightly towards the temple. To slim a round face, apply your blush in an angular motion blending from the apples of the cheeks towards the temples.

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3CE Marble Highlighter

This is one of the few secrets of this look. It adds a dewy look to the skin, making it look more natural than opting for a matte and flat look. Applying it on to the tip of your nose and your cheekbones are the key to that dewy look.

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Many folks finish off their look by dusting a layer of translucent powder over top. Do use a brush instead of a sponge. This process may seem like you are really having that natural blushing skin underneath the powder.

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Gloss and Tint

Alima Pure Lip Tint

Complete your look with rose-tinted, kissable-looking lips in a glossy finish. There are actually Lip tints that come in matte or glossy finishes. These lip stains dye your lips naturally and are very long lasting. This is far from using an actual lipstick since this is less greasy and non-waxy in texture, most of the time, it is also smudge proof. It’s no shocker that it’s popular in most Asian races. They use it to the what they call the “gradient method” where more color is applied on to the inner parts of their lips.

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Optional: Faux Freckles

You may opt to use your newly-sharpened eyebrow pencil or your typical brown eyeliner, then dab it really lightly on your nose and cheeks. Be generous, but don’t go overboard. Tone it down afterward by running a powder brush through your face.