Chorus Supernatural wins 3 Beauty Insider awards!

“Natural” and “organic” have been beauty buzzwords for years, so it’s not surprising that brands are filling the shelves with creams and masks with a “premium plant extract.” But the proof is in the skin. Not all natural products can give real, tested results. Readers don’t just have to read the label; they have to go to editors’ and user reviews.

The Beauty Insider awards put dozens of natural skincare brands to the test to find out what really worked. Chorus Supernatural emerged as a consistent winner, taking two skincare awards for its Hydrate and Mask, and a third award for its Volumize Lavender and Chamomile shampoo.

All products were tested by beauty editors and readers, who shared their independent feedback. This is what they had to say.

Chorus Supernatural Hydrate

This can be used as a night cream so it could work its magic while they slept, and skin cell turnover was its highest. It is also rich enough for facial massages, or deep-hydration after a day in the sun. Another advantage of its thick texture is that you only need a very small amount to moisturize your face and neck.
A bottle will last for many months!

Hydrate’s excellent formula, versatility, and cost-effectiveness made it a super natural choice for the Beauty Insider 2016 Beauty Awards. To see some of our testers’ reactions, read 5 extra moisturizing products beauty testers love and 5 skincare products for naturally beautiful skin.

Chorus Supernatural Mask

Masks were a popular 2016 beauty trend, with both niche and international masstige brands releasing their own versions. There were sheet masks, leave-in balms, and a multitude of pastes, peels and packs. How did Chorus Supernatural Mask hold up against the competition?

This product won hands-down for two important criteria: quality and cost. As one beauty editor observes, it has many premium plant extracts found in European luxury brands that are five times more expensive. Don’t be fooled by the simple packaging – just because it’s put its money into its ingredients instead of global marketing campaigns doesn’t mean it’s less “premium” than your $500 mask.

It also had a special key ingredient, Hellmoor peat, which naturally contains several anti-aging substances and minerals. You would have to spend a lot more to get a facial of this caliber in a luxury spa. Chorus Supernatural Mask allows you to do this in the privacy and convenience of your home.

The mask heals the skin, and helps detoxify it by drawing out impurities and boosting circulation. It also minimizes the appearance of pores, but unlike egg white masks, your skin doesn’t dry out. In fact, testers said that their skin was noticeably softer and smoother. Ït sucks out all the oiliness and sebum and … bye to shininess!” said our Beauty Insider Trial Team member Shu Hui in her video.  You can also read the glowing reader reviews here

Tried, tested and loved!

Chorus Supernatural prides itself on using only the most premium ingredients, and the proof is in your skin. The Beauty Insider Trial team – composed of real women with completely unbiased reviews – were happy with the results and “I would highly recommend this to my friends!” To see their videos, click here. To read dozens of reviews of all their products, click here 

Try Chorus Supernatural and tell us about YOUR experiences with their award-winning products. You can leave a review or visit their website to find the skincare or haircare product that suits your beauty concern.