Clarins, the specialist in plant science and skincare, introduces the Hydra-Essentiel range, which contains the essence to hydration. Hydration is vital for retaining the skin’s freshness and beauty every day, all year.

Every day, skin exposure to UV, heat flashes, pressure, and other variables cause roughly 32ml of water loss on the face. Dehydration can make skin bland and lifeless, leading to fine wrinkles regardless of age or complexion.

The new Hydra-Essentiel collection is suited to all needs and preferences, giving a natural source of purity and brilliance for all skin types and ages. With exquisite aquamarine and London blue hues, the colour palette beautifully embodies hydration, a new identity that evokes the freshness of moisture.

Hydra-Essentiel Menu

Each Hydra-Essentiel recipe contains the most advanced version of Clarins anti-pollution complex and is formulated for specific benefits. The enhanced skincare range defends and preserves the skin against damage to the hydrolipidic film and protects the skin’s capacity to retain moisture by combining three plant extracts: organic white horehound extract, furcellaria extract, and nipplewort extract.

The core component, the leaf of life, promotes the skin’s own hyaluronic acid production, and this innovative and unique technology allows the skin to combat external aggressors while maintaining optimal water content for a healthy, youthful look.

Hydra-Essentiel Light Cream

The new Hydra-Essentiel Light Cream from the Chronobiological range is a light, refreshing cream infused with organic manioc powder. This Light Cream keeps your skin nourished and smooth, with no shine. The Light Cream is designed primarily and formulated for dehydration and shine reduction, and 94% of women claim that after applying it, their skin is better nourished without an oily feeling.

Price: $89.00

Where to buy: Clarins

Hydra-Essentiel Night Care

Hydra-Essentiel Night Care is a thick, hydrating cream enhanced with plant squalene to strengthen the hydrolipidic film and line-filling pearls to effectively eliminate fine wrinkles induced by dehydration. Night Care gives deep nourishment to soothe and calm the skin in the morning for freshly, plumped skin.

Price: $96.00

Where to buy: Clarins

Hydra-Essentiel Matte Gel

Hydra-Essentiel   Matte Gel, from the Chronobiological range, is a revitalising, mattifying gel enriched with organic alpine willowherb extract. This nutritious combination moisturises and soothes the skin, leaving it plump and smooth while eliminating shine. This Matte Gel moisturises and mattifies the skin while remaining shine-free and nonsticky.

Price: $89.00

Where to buy: Clarins

Sustainable Beauty

Clarins Hydra-Essentiel Range is packed with about 90% natural ingredients.

Clarins’ responsible approach can be seen in the Hydra-Essentiel    packaging. The Hydra-Essential    cream formulation’s container is made of 40% recycled glass to reduce the environmental effect. The Hydra-Essentiel    Matte Gel container comprises 25% recycled material. 

In addition, the Hydra-Essentiel  box packaging is made from cardboard derived from sustainably managed forests. At least 90% of the products are recyclable, according to municipal recycling laws.

The Clarins Hydra-Essentiel’s star ingredient is the leaf of life from Madagascar’s Madirobe and Marovato. The ingredient is organically certified, fair trade sourced, and the primary driver behind a collaboration between Clarins and the local people who harvest and sun-dry the plant manually. 

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