We understand how troublesome it can be to have appointments in different spas that cater to different treatments. If only there was a spot that covers all of our beauty needs under a singular roof. Well, if you have the exact same thought as we do, then look no further because Cloud9 Beauty Bar is here to make our dreams a reality.

Located in the heart of CBD here in Singapore, Cloud9 is a women-only beauty spa. Launched back in 2021, the hidden establishment was built to offer women a wide array of services at an affordable price. Cloud9 was founded by Clara Chia, who is a huge enthusiast for all things beauty and believes that every woman deserves to feel beautiful in their own skin. It’s also why she decided to open a beauty bar for girls to pamper themselves without the need to splurge excessively.

Cloud9 Beauty Bar’s services range from lashes to facials to brows to nails. Other than that, there are also hair removal services and unique treatments such as underarm brightening and back acne treatments. Beauty Insider is here to help break down some of Cloud9’s best treatments, namely the Korean BB Glow Facial, and everything else you need to know about the establishment.

Cloud9 Beauty Bar

Photo by: Cloud9 Beauty Bar

Neutral tones with elements of wood and rattan are what fill the space as you enter Cloud9 Beauty Bar in Singapore. With a nail bar at one end and a treatment room for facials and lash extensions on the other, it’s a cosy environment that instantly relaxes you. Depending on the treatment you’ve decided to get that day, you’ll either be led to the charming nail bar space or into their calming treatment room.

While we’re on the topic of treatments, Cloud9 offers an extensive list of services. Aside from lash extensions, the spot provides lash lifts, lash tints, and an interesting lash botox service. The latter uses a unique hydrolysed keratin mask that is applied to the natural lashes in order to strengthen and nourish them. Infused with argan oil, proteins, keratin and vitamins, this treatment is highly recommended if you have weak natural lashes.

Other than that, Cloud9 also offers brow treatments like shaping, tinting and lamination, alongside nail services like gel manicure and gel extensions. But the highlight of the beauty bar is its affordable facial treatments. This ranges from an Express Facial for when you’re in a rush to the luxurious 24k Gold Facial and the CO2 Oxygen Facial.

However, a unique facial that the team at Beauty Insider feels is worth the try, is Cloud9’s very own Korean BB Glow Facial. Not only has this facial bagged the Best Korean Facial in our recent Beauty Insider Awards, but also the Bloggers’ Choice Award 2023. Find out more about the highly raved facial below:

Korean BB Glow Facial

Photo by: Cloud9 Beauty Bar

You may notice the plethora of Korean facials available in the market these days, most of which aim to offer you the popular glass skin result. But the Korean BB Glow Facial at Cloud9 Beauty Bar is very much different to most treatments available throughout the little red dot.

This particular facial is well-known for offering a brightening glow, achieved through the application of tinted serums and absorbed into the skin through micro-needling. Not only does this provide radiance to your skin, but also helps to improve your skin’s appearance and texture.

Aside from that, micro-needling also reduces wrinkles, fine lines, and scars that you may have on your face. Therefore, this facial can be done on anyone looking to combat these skin issues, including those with ageing skin. Plus, micro-needling doesn’t discolour your skin, and in fact, helps to further even out your skin tone.

With the usage of Cloud9’s tinted ampoules, you can bid farewell to any unsmooth patches that you may suffer from. The Korean BB Glow Facial is highly recommended for those suffering from dull and uneven skin tone and offers an overall healthy glow in 80 minutes for only SGD$98 nett.

Process Of The Facial

Photo by: Cloud9 Beauty Bar

After being escorted into its private rooms, your therapist will provide you with something comfortable to change into and wrap your hair to keep it out of your face. Like most facials, the Korean BB Glow Facial starts out with a good double cleanse. The facial therapist massages and cleans off dirt and dead skin cells throughout your face, with extra focus on the crevices of your nose.

After that, a chemical peel is applied on your face, particularly at spots with blocked pores like your nose area, the chin and the forehead. It is left for a few minutes to help loosen blackheads and oil duds before a manual extraction is done. Once the extraction is complete, a calming gel is applied throughout the face to cool and soothe the skin from the recent tugging and squeezing. Either a cooling stick or face massage will be performed to help absorb the calming gel into skin, followed by a relaxing shoulder massage.

The facial then continues with the application of a tinted ampoule and micro-needling. This process is what gives you the glow! Your therapist will then apply a custom blend mask and allow it to soak into your skin. Last but not least, the facial ends with skincare and sunblock to keep your skin moisturised and protected.

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Price: SGD$98 nett for the Korean BB Glow Facial
Address:66 Circular Road, #02-01 Singapore 049420
Operation Hours: Mon – Sat, 12pm – 8pm
Contact Number:+65 9231 5920 | Whatsapp: +65 9231 5920
Email: hello@cloud9beauty.sg