Collagen Supplements 101: Everything You Need To Know About This Youth Elixir

By: / July 7, 2021
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One does not enter the beauty world without hearing the term ‘collagen’. After all, there are countless beauty products that boast the benefits of collagen. Think collagen eye creams, collagen face masks, collagen serums and more. Collagen supplements have quickly become the reigning beauties for beauty and wellness. Hailed as youth elixirs, many women have turned to collagen drinks as the answer to banish fine wrinkles and getting plumper skin. However, burning questions still remain: what exactly are they and do they actually work? Beauty Insider gives you the down-low on collagen supplements!

What is Collagen?


Collagen is a structural protein that can be naturally found throughout the body. It is found mainly in the body’s connective tissues, including the tendons, ligaments, skin and muscles.  In fact, it makes up of 25% to 35% of our body protein content!

Collagen keeps our skin looking youthful by providing structure to our skin, which affects our skin’s elasticity and firmness. However, that is only one of the many functions that collagen provides. It strengthens our skin, bones and cartilage as well as support healthy joints, improving our overall health!

What is Collagen supplements?


As its name suggests, collagen supplements contain hydrolysed collagen peptides. This means that the amino acids have been broken into smaller molecules so that they can be easily absorbed into the gut. Collagen supplements are made to boost the body’s collagen production and replenish collagen in the body as the body ages over time.

They usually come in ready to drink bottles, so you can easily add them to your daily routine.

How do Collagen supplements work?


As the amino acids in collagen supplements are absorbed into the gut, the collagen peptides will stimulate fibroblasts — or collagen-producing cells —  to trigger the body’s natural response to produce more collagen. Having said that, many researchers have noted that more research is needed to be done to prove that here is hard evidence for collagen supplements working. 

It is highly encouraged to avoid taking more than the recommended amount as labelled as this may cause scleroderma, which can cause damage to the internal organs. 

Benefits of Collagen Supplements

Improve Skin Hydration


Of course, what is radiant skin without a boost of hydration? Collagen supplements are known for strengthening the skin for a youthful-looking appearance. As collagen loss can lead to dry skin, collagen drinks then work its magic to replenish this loss. That means there is an increase in skin elasticity and hydration!  Bouncy skin has never been this easy to achieve. 

Relieves Joint Pains


Aside from its skincare benefits, collagen helps maintain the structural integrity of the cartilage, which is the tissue that protects the joints. By boosting collagen production with collagen drinks, this strengthens the cartilage and alleviates any joint pains. 

Improves Gut Health


Collagen helps strengthen the gastrointestinal tract, which is known as the gut thanks to the amino acids it provides. In turn, these amino acids repair the intestinal walls, which allows the gut to better retain nutrients.

Strengthens Hair & Nails


Healthy hair and nails are on the way! According to a study found on PubMed, researchers found that taking collagen supplements improved the strength of brittle nails. Plus, they also found that taking collagen supplements improved hair and nail growth!

Debunking Collagen drink myths

Collagen drinks are suitable for everyone


If you are a vegetarian, collagen supplements might not be for you. Most collagen products contain marine collagen and bovine collagen to work, which is mainly derived from fish and pigs. 

Although vegan collagen supplements are hard to come by, there are still vegetarian-friendly alternatives in the market. However, they mostly come in the form of capsules instead of drinks.

All Collagen drinks are the same


Collagen supplements may boast a multitude of benefits from radiant skin to strengthened joints, but it also depends on the type of collagen you consume. In fact, there are 16 collagen types in total! However, there are three types that are most abundant: type I, type II and type III and they serve different purposes. Here are some of the benefits the different types of collagen provide.

Type I & III:

  • Improve elasticity
  • Promotes thick hair growth
  • Minimise the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

Type II: 

  • Alleviates joint pains
  • Replenishes protein in the cartilage 

If you are looking to improve joint health, take collagen supplements that are rich in type II collagen. 

For enhanced skin health and youthful-looking appearance, opt for a collagen drink that is rich in type I and III collagen. 

Are there any side effects?


Some people have reportedly experienced mild side effects including diarrhoea, rashes and heaviness in the stomach. However, these cases are very few and collagen supplements are generally safe to use. 

Having said that, it is always best to consult a doctor before taking any kind of supplement. 

Best Collagen Supplements in Singapore

Nano Collagen Complex

The Nano Collagen Complex by Nano Singapore is a SuperFood that is complete with Type 1, 2, 3, 5 and 10 of Multi-Dimensional Collagen. Not only that, each capsules in a bottle are packed with 1000mg of Premium Collagen that will last you about 3 months. What we love most about this product is that it helps in providing you with healthier nails, skin and joints while also replenishing your skin’s moisture, texture and elasticity.

Why we love it:

  • Achieve healthier skin, nails & joints
  • 1000mg of Premium Collagen
  • Protein Complex

Price: $59.90

Where to buy: Nano Singapore

Kinohimitsu Collagen Diamond 

Wellness Products

Unsure of what collagen drink to try out? Go for the Kinohimitsu Collagen Diamond 5300. This award-winning collagen drink promises to be your handy rescue tool against dry and fine lines to reveal smooth and supple skin. What’s more, this collagen drink works to tighten pores and hydrates the skin. 

Why we love it:

  • Heals blemishes
  • Regenerates skin cells
  • 100% natural 

Packed with loads of benefits for radiant skin, we are not surprised that this collagen drink has become such a huge hit worldwide. 

Price: $69.90

Where to buy: Watsons 

LAC Taut Collagen Drink 

LAC Taut Collagen Drink packs a punch in the collagen department. Aside from collagen, this collagen drink is formulated with placenta to deliver a power-packed combination to combat visible signs of ageing. In addition, it contains hyaluronic acid, ceramides and Vitamin B to hydrate and revitalise tired skin. 

Why we love it:

  • Orangey-taste (like fruit juice)
  • Erases wrinkles and fine lines
  • Helps retain skin’s moisture

With an incredible dose of 13 000mg, this collagen drink does not fail to deliver youthful-looking appearance and restore your skin to its former glory.

Price: $99.95

Where to buy: GNC

Dollar Shape Club Cuppy Up Collagen Jelly

Are you still looking for the best collagen supplements? Dollar Shape Club Cuppy Up Collagen Jelly is an award-winning supplement that is highly preferred by the beauty community. Formulated with the patented Micro Marine Collagen peptides, it helps to boost absorption rate and promote immediate results. With its powerful blend of ingredients, the Dollar Shape Club Cuppy Up Collagen Jelly effectively enhances and firms the bust. Plus, it is not only super tasty but it leaves you with a radiant and youthful-looking complexion.

Why we love it:

  • Organic and high quality ingredients
  • Enhance the bust
  • Reverse the signs of ageing

Price: $95.90

Where to buy:  Limmy’s online store

Fancl Tense Up Collagen Drink 

The Fancl Tense Up Collagen Drink is the closest you will ever get to the fountain of youth. It contains patented tri-peptide to allow instant absorption and effectively replenish the skin of any collagen loss that occurs. Additionally, it contains ingredients such as Vitamin C and E, rice extract and hyaluronic acid to nourish the skin and keep it moisturised. 

Why we love it:

  • Protects skin from sun damage thanks to apple polyphenol
  • Smoothens fine lines and wrinkles
  • Lightens pigmentation 

Touted as a drink that is ‘youth in a bottle’, this collagen drink offers a myriad of skin-boosting active ingredients that guarantee lifted and plumper-looking skin. This collagen drink is suitable for people of all ages.

Price: $109

Where to buy: Qoo10

AVALON Stemcell Beauty Drink

The first beauty drink to be formulated with young orchid stems cells, this collagen drink repairs and rejuvenates the skin from the inside and out. It works to brighten the skin tone and improve skin firmness for a radiant complexion. Plus, users with eczema have even claimed to see improvements in their skin condition with this collagen drink.

Why we love it:

  • Repair skin cells
  • Locks in moisture
  • Brightens skin tone

From brightening skin tone to rejuvenating skin cells, tired and dull skin will be a thing of the past with this collagen drink.

Price: $55.90

Where to buy: Lazada

LANEIGE Youth Collagen Drink

Trust LANEIGE to deliver nothing but quality products and that includes collagen drinks. This collagen drink is infused with 5000mg of collagen peptides and Vitamin C for plumper-looking skin. What’s more, its patented formula contains GABA, which helps promote better sleep at night. 

Why we love it:

  • Improves firmness
  • Promote better sleep
  • Moisturises the skin

Luminous skin and a good night’s rest? Sign us up! If you are looking to wake up with firm and brighter skin, add this collagen drink to your nighttime routine.

Price: $150

Where to buy: Tangs

How else can I boost Collagen levels?

Retinoids are your best friend


If you are looking for a tried and tested way to help your skin to look its best, retinoids are the way to go. Retinoids which are derived from Vitamin A, are known to stimulate collagen production when applied topically. They work as anti-ageing tools to minimise the appearance of wrinkles and lighten pigmentation. Plus, retinoids promote cell renewal to reveal a smoother and radiant complexion. 

Get your daily dose of Vitamin C


Vitamin C plays an essential role in interacting with the amino acids within collagen cells to boost collagen production. In addition, it can help to increase the body’s levels of hyaluronic acid, which helps retain our skin’s natural moisture. Some of the foods you can take to kick-start your daily dose of Vitamin C include oranges, kale, strawberries and broccoli.

Keep your sunscreen handy


We all know the horrors of what sun damage can do to our skin. From dry skin to heat rashes, sun exposure can cause some nasty effects to your skin. It can also degrade the skin’s natural collagen and elastin, which can result in loss of firmness and more visible fine lines and wrinkles. That is why applying sunscreen is important in protecting your collagen levels!