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Color Guide To Have Your Nails Spring Ready This 2018

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Spring has sprung! Embrace your wanderlust and ensure your tips stay in top shape. Each season brings its best nail polish and sometimes it is difficult to predict which one that will be. That is why we are sharing with you a sneak peek at the upcoming nail color trends. In case you decide to be ahead of the trend, do not hesitate to pull off these ideas right after we share them with you. Between pretty pastels, glowing neon and all the incredible shine, wake up your tips with these gorgeous hues because winter shades are so last season.

Ultra Violet

It’s that time of year again. No, we’re not talking about the holiday season. We’re talking about the announcement of the Pantone Color of the Year. We usually look to the runways and social media for the newest fashion and makeup trends, but the color of the year announcement is really where it all starts. So why not incorporate it into your nails? You’ll definitely rock all the days of spring for sure.

Ocean Blue

In general, the blue polish is very easy to wear since it is flattering on almost all skin types. Blue is known in the industry to be the perfect transition color into Spring, so ease into the trend by wearing a light blue shade that looks like a cloudless sky on a sunny day.This ocean-inspired shade is perfect for your spring vacation. Pairs best with a cocktail in hand.

Nude Pink

This polish is both a rich, pinky nude and a healing treatment that works to correct nail damage. It transitions nicely from winter to spring nails and works well on any skin tone. This polish is perfect for those who like to keep their nails a more subdued shade. A ballerina pink is a neutral perfect for any spring day, and as a plus, this polish is also cruelty-free, vegan, and free of major toxins.

Soft Yellow

Yellow is such a polarizing shade that Yellow nail polish is one trend that keeps popping up year after year and just will not die. Although yellow gets the Nail Polish Problem Child of the World Award. They’re either super sheer or opaque and streaky. And while one-coat reds, blues, etc exist, a one-coat yellow is our chupacabra.

Tangerine Orange

A vibrant orange is perfect for the bold. Orange has never been the standard-bearer of chic. This burnt hue looks great on all skin tones. The 70’s trend is making its way to your nails in the form of rich burnt-orange polishes. 

Pretty Periwinkle

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This light periwinkle will match the spring flowers in bloom. A deeper periwinkle blue evokes an earthy reminder that we are emerging from winter.

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