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The Colourpop Disney ‘Midnight Masquerade’ Collection is the Makeup Launch of Your Dreams

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We all know that Disney is the epitome of a magical childhood. Now, Colourpop is bringing the magic back to beauty lovers and Disney fans alike. Jumping onboard the Disney-inspired makeup bandwagon, Colourpop introduced its newest Disney makeup collection, Midnight Masquerade. Although the collection is not the first Disney collection that Colourpop has launched, it certainly is the most ethereal. Set to launch on October 7th 2019, this limited edition collection features makeup bundles and products inspired by eight iconic Disney princesses. Perfect for the dreamer in all of us. Check out this sneak peek of this dreamy collection.

Beauty Insider has got you covered on the latest products from Colourpop’s dreamy Disney collection that are guaranteed to make you feel like a princess.

Lux Liquid Lip

colourpop disney lux liquid lip
‘phoebus’ Lux Liquid Lip, SGD $11

The Lux Liquid Lip may not be the best for kissing frogs, but it will definitely leave your puckers looking ready for the ball! This matte liquid lipstick comes in a creamy, velvety-texture for smooth application without drying lips out. Additionally, this lipstick boasts high pigmentation, perfect for those dreamy lips! This lipstick comes in eight inspired by each different princess. So if you are looking for Cinderella’s pink lip or Tiana’s bold red lip, this is the perfect liquid lipstick for you.

Midnight Masquerade Eyeshadow Palette

colourpop midnight masquerade eyeshadow palette
Midnight Masquerade Shadow Palette, SGD $30.40

The Midnight Masquerade Eyeshadow is fairy godmother-sent. With 15 glorious shades, this versatile eyeshadow palette offers shades ranging from classic matte neutrals to striking sparkles, making this the perfect palette for any occasion. What’s more, you can expect intense colour payoff from these shadows, so you can be sure to be the standout at the ball.

Pressed Powder Blush

colourpop disney powder blush
‘enchanted mirror’ Pressed Powder Blush, SGD $13.80

The Pressed Powder Blush is the closest thing we can get to achieve those rosy, Disney princess cheeks! Available in four shades, this pressed powder blush promises a natural flush topped with a sheer, shimmer finish. Additionally, this blush boasts buildability, perfect if you are looking for a subtle glow or a deep, vivid flush. Furthermore, this powder blush contains silky powders that adhere to skin and guarantee long-lasting wear.

Pressed Powder Highlighter

colourpop disney powder highlighter
‘andalasia’ Pressed Powder Highlighter, SGD $13.80

All you need is faith, trust, and this pixie dust-like highlighter. The Pressed Powder Highlighter boasts high shine that is easy to blend to give your cheekbones that touch of sparkle! Moreover, this highlighter comes in four shades ranging from pale lavender to icy peach to complement every skin tone.

The Colourpop Disney Designer Collection “Midnight Masquerade” will launch on October 7th 2019. Find out more about the collection here.

Although Colourpop does not retail in Singapore, Colourpop does ship to Singapore! Click here to find out more about Colourpop’s international shipping.