How to contour with 2 products you already have in your makeup bag

This natural makeup tutorial is the easiest, most natural, and fastest way to contour – and it uses makeup products you already have.

The day of Kardashian-type contouring are over. While we love the idea of sculpting our face to slimmer, high-cheekboned perfection, we want it to look natural in daylight, because what looks great on Instagram would probably freak out our co-workers IRL.

The trick is to use less product and different makeup tools.  Instead of buying a contouring kit, you can use a bronzer or the darkest blusher you own. (  A good colour choice: NARS Bronzer in Laguna, or something similar. Use buffer brush to blend this shade below the cheeks. This gives a more intense shade, but by blending it well you don’t get that weird, obvious streak of brown in the middle of your face (yes, that draws attention to your cheeks, but not in a good way.) Then, using a fluffier powder brush, dust the colour along the jawline and temples.

If you don’t have bronzer, try applying a darker shade of foundation. Go about 5 to 6 shades darker than your skintone, and buff and blend.  Makeup pros say that by using liquid foundation applied with a brush or the small tip of an egg-shaped makeup sponge like Beauty Blender, your contouring will last longer than if you used powder alone.

Why use foundation or bronzer to contour instead of a special palette? Makeup artists who recommend this natural makeup tutorial say that by using colours or products you already own, you not only save money but you’re also more likely to pick shades that already flatter you. The best contour products are already in your makeup bag – it’s just about applying them in a different way to sculpt and define your features.

One last makeup tip:  finish off contouring by applying a warm-toned blush (like NARS in Orgasm, a cult favourite that’s received tons of beauty reviews) on the cheeks. Without blush, contouring can look too harsh especially on pale skin.

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