Covermark’s breakthrough ingredient helps skin repair itself!

Covermark has a long, trusted tradition in makeup – its foundations have a loyal cult following – but it has always believed that the best start to beautiful makeup is beautiful skin. Its new anti-aging skincare range not only moisturizes and brightens the skin, but breakthrough ingredients boost skin rejuvenation so your skin repairs itself and produces healthier cells.

Covermark Cell Advanced WR: the secret anti-aging weapon

Your skin is composed of several layers. If your skin isn’t healthy, you’ll feel and see its effects on the topmost layer: dullness, flaking, roughness, discoloration. However, you need to heal skin from within, through products that don’t just exfoliate or smoothen the top layer, but penetrate the skin to deliver moisture and other benefits to your inner skin layers.

The Cell Advanced range contain mesenchymal stem cells and bark extracts that work with your own skin cells to repair skin tissue. Mesenchymal stem cells are a breakthrough ingredient, known for being able to renew damaged cells; in fact, these were first studied as a possible treatment for heart disease and cancer.  Covermark’s chemists have formulated these to help skin cells fight the signs of aging – from the fine lines around your eyes, to the hyperpigmentation that occurs from sun exposure.

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A beauty miracle in every step of your skincare regimen

While mesenchymal stems are the “star ingredient” in the Covermark range – working deep into your skin to reverse and prevent damage — every product contains additional skin-enhancing ingredients with benefits you can see and feel right away.

The Covermark Lotion ($160) contains a special “moist fit oil” that immediately plumps the skin and helps seal in any moisture. This helps your skin look plumper, healthier, and more youthful. The Covermark Serum ($210) creates another water-rich layer, making your skin smoother and priming it for makeup application. The Covermark Cream ($240) acts like a corset, tightening the skin and protecting it from dryness and damage. The masks ((6pcs for $128) completes the regimen.

It’s never too early to protect your skin  

The Covermark skincare range is best for all ages. It can help mature women who have concerns about firmess and elasticity, or already have small wrinkles, but it is also ideal for younger women who are battling spots, freckles, and dullness. Skin problems can hit women at any age, and skin can lose radiance because of sun exposure, stress, diet, and lifestyle. If you think your skin feels different, or just lacks the luster and brightness, then it’s time to invest in powerful skincare. Don’t wait for the wrinkles to show!

It is not a question of needing anti-aging, but being pro-glow. If you want to wake up with soft, smooth, and luminous skin, the Covermark Cell WR range can help.


Feel the difference, see the results

Covermark Cell Advance WR immediately makes your skin feel softer and more moisturized, and in about two weeks you can see long-term, visible, dramatic results: firmer skin, less lines. For best results, apply the lotion and serum in the morning and evening, then apply the cream before you go to bed so it works with your skin’s natural renewal process while you sleep. The cream can be used around the eyes, replacing the need for eye cream (just use a small amount in these areas if you have oily skin). Use the mask twice a week.

Covermark skincare + makeup = a powerful combination!

The Covermark skincare range can be used under makeup, and in fact, will make your makeup look better! Since it helps retain moisture, it helps plump and smoothen the skin to help your foundation go on better and make it last longer without any flaking or creasing.  It is the first step to achieving truly natural beauty and a flawless finish.

The Covermark Cell Advance WR is available at Takashimaya department store level 1,  at the Covermark counter. For more information about the products, go to the Covermark website, call 62386697, or post your questions and comments below.

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