10 Super Crazy Ombre Hair Ideas That’ll Make You *Lewk* Stunning!

By: Balqis Ariffin / October 12, 2021
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Raise your hand if you’re getting bored with your plain black hair colour? Well, we’re pretty sure you’re not alone! Although some prefer to opt for a single hair colour whenever they want to do a makeover, sometimes all we need is a splash of colour. Yup, we’re referring to the crazy ombre hair trends! In case you haven’t heard, the ombre hair trend started to creep its way back to us again this year. Okay, we know what you’re thinking and it’s definitely still trendy. It has been about nine years when the ombre hair first started going viral and we completely lost track of time. On another note, where did all the time go?

The beauty community is still head over heels with this trend, in fact, it is even infused with the highly preferred balayage method for subtle ombre effects. As much as we love a total makeover, maintaining the hair is another thing that most people feel dreadful about. Luckily, with the ombre hairstyle, you can look absolutely stunning without having to invest so much time and money. So, are you dying to know the legit crazy ombre hair that will make heads turn in a good way? We got you covered because Beauty Insider has gathered all the latest trends and plus the essential information that you should know before you book your appointment. Make sure to screenshot and show your hairdresser this top hairstyle. Cheers to looking brand new!

10 Crazy Ombre Hair Ideas That You Need To Try Before The End of The Year!

1. Inferno

Well, we just simply need to list this ombre hairstyle on top of the list! Besides, it’s called crazy for the good reason! If you truly want to go overboard with your look, the inferno should be on your wishlist. Nobody can resist fiery red hair that looks utterly gorgeous. This hairstyle is absolutely not for the faint of heart. But if you love the bright and bold shade, make sure to try this out. This ombre hairstyle is achieved by combining various shades of red, yellow and even orange for a perfect blend of colours. You will literally look on fire!

2. Purple Rain

One of the highly preferred colours that people are head over heels about is purple. Previously we often see that people love to opt for the purple dipped with black hair, but it’s long gone now because the combo of purple and silver is the next big thing. There’s just something appealing about these two shades that scream chic and edgy. If you truly want to try it out, we suggest that you requested the hairstyle for a reverse purple ombre.

3.Tangerine Twist

Not sure which colour to choose? Fret not, for those blonde babes out there, make sure to amp up your look with this tangerine twist. Well, apart from the fact that it reminds us of Hayley Williams, the lead singer from Paramore, this look gives a punk rocker chic vibe. If you prefer to keep it easy without investing too much time caring for your locks, we recommend that you only dye it on your hair roots.

4. Teal Time

If you can’t make up your mind between green or blue shade, just take both of them! Enter, teal the shade that you never thought you needed. There are various styles that you can choose from but the most common look that people go for is the teal dip with black hair. However, if you want to take it to the next level and look like a mermaid, request your hairstylist for a combination of several shades namely teal, turquoise and bright blue.

5.Cotton Candy


As the title suggests, we’re all about going crazy with the ombre hair. So, what’s better than taking the inspiration from the sugary sweet cotton candy? This look is perfect if you’re in for a treat and looking feminine. Plus, this hairstyle is ideal for those who prefer the soft girl makeup look. With a splash of pink and orange hues, nothing can truly beat this one!

6.Stellar Grey

In case you didn’t hear it yet, grey hair is one of the biggest hair trends this year. Indeed, it is all about embracing that grey hair and flaunt it confidently. However, for those who wish to cover it up, the silver grey hair with light blue tips is the perfect alternative for you. If you prefer a subtle look, you can request a reverse ombre effect and retain your natural hair colour.

7.Rose Quartz

When in doubt, pink ombre is the way to go! If you’re feeling bold, you can opt for a brighter pink but for those who prefer to tone it down a little bit, we suggest that you choose the pastel pink shade. However, to ensure a long-lasting result, you need to use certain hair care products that are formulated to retain the colour. Make sure to consult with your hairstylist to select the suitable ombre styles for you.

8. Pastel Rainbow

If you are one of those people who can’t decide which shades to choose from, why don’t you simply try all of them instead? Whether you want to call it rainbow or even unicorn, this crazy ombre hair is absolutely perfect if you want a total makeover. It will definitely make heads turn in a good way! The sky is the limit when it comes to deciding the style for this ombre hair, you can either opt for the reverse technique or select the preferred colours of your choice. Besides, did we mention that braided rainbow hair looks utterly gorgeous?

9. Green Grinch

Okay, we know that green may not be on top of your list for the next hair colour. But, think Billie Eilish! It definitely looks stunning and unique. Besides, it is perfect if you want to achieve that grunge and punk girl look. The combo of black and bright green is the common hairstyle that most people opt for. You can either opt for a reverse ombre or simply blend it with other shades like blonde.

10. Shades of Blue and Purple

We save the best for last! Tired of looking the same? Well, the shades of blue and purple should be on your next wishlist. Besides, no one can say no to these colours. They are a match made in heaven! If bright colour is too much for you, we suggest that you pick a pastel shade as it blends better with various makeup looks.

The Real Tea That Even Your Hairdresser won’t Tell You About The Crazy Ombre Hair!

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Honestly, super crazy ombre hair looks great on the gram, but they also can be quite tedious to care for! So, before you truly commit to making these changes, there are a few things that you should know. Fret not because, at the end of the day, it is worth it!

  • Once you get your hair done, the dye can actually stains your favourite pillowcase, towels and even shirt
  • Alert! If you’re going to dye your hair red, be prepared with tons of bleach as they will literally make your shower look like a crime scene
  • If you truly despise cold water, you should really think this again as one of the ways to make the hair colour lasts longer is by washing them in cold water
  • Remember to use gloves if you’re dyeing your hair at home. Trust us, it’ll stain your hands
  • Try not to DIY with pastel colours at home, they are difficult to achieve
  • Make sure to take extra care of your hair and minimize the use of hair styling tools

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