Customizable Beauty

The Next Big Personal Care Trend: Customizable Beauty Products

Customizable beauty is the next big trend in the skin care industry. Customers want a product that suits their needs, skin tone, look and mood. They will pay more for a product that is a “perfect fit” for them, and respond well to marketing campaigns that show “smart, personalized science.”

Bespoke Skincare

While it’s par for the course to offer products for skin type or skin concern, some brands are stepping up with a completely personalized experience.

Customers start with a basic cream or serum, which is then amped up with selected active concentrates. Generally the cream offers a broad promise, like anti-pollution or anti-ageing.

One of the main drivers of this new trend is Asian skincare brand Skin Inc., which created My Daily Dose. It is a custom-blended serum anchored on a Skin Identity Service. The online quiz allows customers to give detailed info on their ski concerns and lifestyle (like stress levels and how much sleep they get each night).

Kiehl’s also opened Apothecary Preparations which custom-blends a serum complex based on 5 key skincare concerns: Brightening, Texture Refining, Wrinkle Reducing, Visible Redness Neutralizing, and Pore Minimizing. Kiehl’s gives a thorough skin analysis and even gives customers a personalized box with a custom-printed label.

Personal fragrances

Perfumers have always developed personalized fragrances for royalty, celebrities and the insanely rich, but now niche fragrance brands are giving regular customers the chance to order their own special scent. Sephora sells Fred Segal’s Custom Fragrance Blending Kit, while companies like Persephenie   Yosh, Nova and Ex Nihilo lets customers pick a basic scent and then tweak it to your liking. “Customers want something different—they want something unexpected and personalized,” says Benoît Verdier, one of the three founders of Ex Nihilo. “I really think that customization is the new definition of luxury.”

Customizable makeup

Beauty brand Cover FX won awards for its Custom Cover Drops, which allowed customers to tailor the coverage of their base. They also created Custom Enhancer Drops (which added luminosity) and the skincare equivalent called Custom Infusion Drops.

They aren’t the first. Many professional brands now sell tints that let you change the color of a makeup base. And of course, they have always sold color corrector and concealer palettes for pros to customize a shade. The genius move, of course, was to sell smaller and more affordable kits to consumers. Online brands like Motives Cosmetics and Prescription Cosmetics have also started selling completely personalized foundations, where customers can give their shade, skin texture, skin type, skin concern, and desired finish.

Customizable beauty: the new “luxury” product

Customizable beauty products will continue to gain traction in the next years. Consumers who are tired for looking a “product match” are willing to pay more for a product that is designed exactly for them.  For them, the best ingredients aren’t a breakthrough ingredient — it’s knowing that “it’s best for me.”

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