Daiso Makeup For That Quick Holiday Party Fix!

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Tired of attending holiday parties in your workwear and your all-day office makeup? Daiso is a paradise of essentials for that quick makeup fix that seems to come up too often during the festive season. Beauty Insider has curated a complete list of our favourite Daiso products that will add the extra touch of sparkle everybody needs to get in the spirit of the festivities.

False Eyelashes

We love a good Daiso false eyelash. We’re not quite sure what it is but something about the air in Japan just makes their falsies stand out in a world full of inadequate alternatives. Our Favourite is the W202. The lightweight band that is invisible provides a natural looking appearance to any makeup look. It even comes with its own eyelash glue so you can fix these babies on in the Grab on the way.

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Eyebrow Pencil

This is a go-to for those who want a natural looking brow. It is pigmented and brushes on easily when applied. Unfortunately, like most products sold at Daiso, it does not have its own name but you should be able to find it fairly easily.

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Though not waterproof, this long and curl mascara adds that extra pump you need to your holiday makeup look. Don’t be afraid to add an extra coat or 5. Its lightweight quality allows it to be buildable to your desired volume.

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Makeup Corrector

Getting ready under a time crunch can really put your hand eye coordination to the test. This product  allows you to finish your makeup routine without worrying about making a mistake. Its simply a makeup remover in pen form and allows you to clean up your mistakes without ruining your full face.

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Lip Gloss

This unassuming product has many rave reviews online. Discovered by budget makeup enthusiasts, it leaves your skin moisturised while also providing that glossy pink tint on any lip colour. This compact packaging fits in any purse and allows you to reapply continually throughout the party.

Check out these quick fix beauty products at Daiso Singapore! They might even replace your favourite purse live-in makeup products.