Daiso makeup review: the steals and the fails

Daiso is a bargain shopper’s paradise. Beauty junkies will love the plastic trays for organising skincare and makeup, jumbo packs of cotton buds and cotton pads, makeup wipes and disposable makeup sponges. But is the makeup any good?

Beauty vlogger

Shu An tries an assortment of Daiso makeup, from mascara to lipgloss. Some are definite fails (like the eye cream that stings in seconds) and some are definite steals (like the pretty lipgloss with the jeweled cover). Another surprising must buy: the makeup sponge detergent — 10/10!

Lim Wen Ti shares her Daiso recommendations, saying what to buy and what to stay away from. She must’ve tried every variety on Daiso — she covers every makeup category, from foundation to mascara, with suggestions on what to buy and what isn’t even worth the $2.

Elaine Mokk created an entire makeup look from her Daiso beauty haul, and her detailed commentary as she applies the products gives you a clear idea of the experience — she comments on texture, feel, and even the smell. A big No to the mascara and the BB cream, a Maybe to the powder and eyebrow pencil, and the lash curler was pretty decent. Watch the full video review.

Go to the Daiso Website to get the full list of Singapore branches.

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