Dermabell Luxury Aesthe Modelling Mask: Korea’s Hidden Beauty Secret Is Finally Revealed

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Dermabell Luxury Aesthe Modelling Mask: Korea’s Hidden Beauty Secret Is Finally Revealed

Chances are you haven’t heard of Dermabell. It is an award winning, cosmeceutical brand from South Korea which prides themselves in the use of handpicked plant-based ingredients and cutting-edge biotechnology.

Trusted by over a hundred aesthetic clinics in South Korea, they have achieved first place in the Skincare: Aesthetic category at the ‘2018 Korea Customer Satisfaction Awards’, a prestigious accolade in a skincare-obsessed country like South Korea.

Dermabell has recently launched a home-use modelling mask pack, inspired by their original Luxury Aesthe Royal Modelling Mask for professionals. Fun fact: modelling masks, or more commonly known as rubber masks, are typically used in facials and spas to soothe and hydrate skin.

Here at Beauty Insider, we are committed to bringing you the best from the international market, especially for all you K-Beauty Lovers and have reviewed the Luxury Aesthe Premium Modelling Mask ourselves. Our verdict: It works wonderfully! This gel mask is unlike any other sheet mask you might be accustomed to. With its customised application and clinically proven results, it definitely beats any sheet mask in the market.

How does Dermabell Premium Modelling Mask work?

For one, the mask utilizes what is known as HTVS Technology to allow for the highest concentration of raw essence (up to 87%!) to be retained in the mask. What’s more impressive is that the mask comes with its own revolutionary cooling technology that soothes and cools your skin while masking. It is a relaxing treat in Singapore’s hot and sweaty climate.

One of our favourite things about it is that the application is fun and 100% customisable. You just have to follow these 3 steps.

(1) Mix together Step 1 and 2 of your mask kit.

(2) Apply evenly on your face with the spatula provided.

(3) Leave it on for 15-20 minutes before peeling off for best results.

This 3-step approach provides a face mask experience akin to an at-home facial. The gel mask perfectly adheres to your skin, creating an evaporation-proof barrier to help absorb the essence effectively while locking in moisture and giving your skin the best nourishment it needs.

Proven Results

You don’t have to take our word for it. Proven clinical trials show how well the mask works. With almost 80% of users experiencing a 5% increase in moisture and brightening after applying the mask, it is no wonder why the mask is so popular with skincare junkies. The mask is not only hydrating, but is said to lift and firm skin as well. The moisture lasts up to 72 hours and regular usage of the mask can greatly improve skin appearance.


Check Out Their Range

  • Premium Perilla Modelling Mask

This mask is best for sensitive skin types or acne prone skin. It contains Perilla, a Chinese medicinal herb known to regulate qi. When used for skincare purposes, it calms and soothes damaged skin naturally. Perilla does this with the EPA it has which is a vital ingredient to help improve blood circulation and reduce skin sensitivity.

Other ingredients include, basil leaves extract, tea tree extract and centella asiatica extract. All with anti bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that help to repair damaged skin in the most natural way possible.

  • Premium Propolis Modelling Mask

This mask is best for older skin. While it is currently impossible to reverse the effects of ageing, it is possible to slow down the ageing of skin by facilitating skin regeneration and hydration. The propolis present helps to give the skin immunity to fight against bacteria and other aging agents that might exist in the environment.

The unique combination of ingredients include Jeju buckwheat honey, royal jelly and the aforementioned propolis. The Jeju honey is a star component in the mask and allows for intense nourishment which pumps back into the skin vitamins needed for skin to stay supple and young.

  • Premium Rose Modelling Mask

The Rose mask is great for dull and pigmented skin. For those who struggle with uneven skin tone and dull appearance, why not give this a try? The brand says the main highlight of the mask is Rose De Mai, a flower that only blooms for 3 weeks. It is rich in vitamins A, B, and, C, as well as amino acids to improve complexion and increase blood circulation.

The mask also contains wolfberry and mulberry bark extracts to replenish moisture and nourishment. Another ingredient present is the KFDA-approved nicotinamide. It is proven to inhibit the production of melanin and strengthen the skin barrier, for bright, glowing skin.

Try It For Yourself!

The combination of hand-picked active ingredients and state-of-the-art technology has allowed Dermabell to be renowned in just 3 years. We at Beauty Insider would love for you to try out the masks on your own. So treat ‘yo self for some after work care this festive season and watch the difference in your skin after just 24 hours!

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