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Derms and Celebs Share Their Fave Skin Care Tips for Summer!

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Beat the heat with these pro tips from Hollywood’s top dermatologists and skincare experts! Their skin care tips for summer should be part of our beauty Bible – because it’s summer every day in Singapore.

Never leave home without a facial mist

If you chill it the night before, you can cool down while soothing and hydrating your face and neck. Pick one that has antioxidants or calming ingredients like green tea and cucumber.  You can also use it to perk up your makeup when it starts looking cakey – just hold it several inches away from your face to get a very light, sheer spray.

Here are three great face mists, all $15 and below at Sephora:

  • Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs and Rosewater, $15
  • Caudalie Grape Water, $11
  • Sephora Collection Hydrating Mist, $9

Protect your scalp

We never forget to wear sunscreen on our face and body, but the scalp can get damaged by UV rays too! The skin along the hairline (and behind the ears) is very sensitive, too. Any spray sunscreen will work.  If you’re going to stay in the sun long – especially on a hot day or peak hours like 10 to 2pm –  and you don’t want hat hair, wrap your hair with a stylish scarf.  And every week, try one of our DIY hair masks to soothe and nourish your scalp.

Apply body scrub on dry skin

When you step into a shower, grab a big handful of body scrub and slough off dead skin cells. Focus on knees, elbows, feet and hands. Rinse off, do your usual bath routine, then pat your skin dry with a towel. Apply body oil while your skin is still damp so it traps the moisture. “Dry exfoliating before a bath helps even lighter lotions and oils penetrate deeper into your skinl,” explains dermatologist Jeannette Graf. Read more about our favourite body scrubs that turn every bath into a treat.

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Soothe sunburn with milk

Dr. Amy Weschler’s favourite skin care tips for summer deals with a problem we know all too well: sunburn. Even when we apply sunscreen vigilantly, we get exposed to direct sunlight so often that our skin can become hot, irritated or red.  Weshcler’s DIY sunburn remedy: a cool milk soak. Mix whole milk with cold water, then soak a washcloth in it. Press this against your skin for 10 minutes at a time.

The celebrity dermatologist is also a fan of aloe vera gel, which you can leave in the fridge for extra cooling effect. She adds that if you have a raging sunburn, switch to a fragrance-free body lotion until your skin heals.

Fight heat rash with kitchen staples

Just like sunburn, a milk bath can help soothe and heal heat rash. Another great DIY summer beauty remedy: mix olive oil and honey and apply on the rash once a day. (Go ahead and use the leftover on your face and neck, too – it’s an amazing moisturizing face mask!)

Get a foot peeling mask

This beauty industry secret is one of the best skin care tips for summer pedicures and really pretty feet: foot peeling masks! Try Baby Foot — Japan’s bestselling foot peeling mask — available for $28.25 on Lazada Singapore.

Just soak your feet in them for half an hour. Warning: over the next few weeks, your feet will shed skin like a snake! But you’ll have the smoothest, softest feet of your life. (You can also check out our favourite lotions for really dry feet.)

Get a body wash that fights body acne

Body acne can strike anyone, anytime – but sweat can make it worse. Body washes that contain salicylic acid will clear pores and zap the bacteria that can trigger breakouts. Find a refreshing shower gel that fights back acne!

Take extra good care of your hands

Our hands are constantly exposed to the sun, chemicals from detergents or hand soaps, and the UV emissions from laptops and gadgets. And since the skin is really thin, they lose moisture really quickly on hot days.

Protect hands with kitchen gloves whenever you do household chores, and moisturize with hand lotions. Check out our tips for younger looking hands and picks for the best lotions for dry, cracked hands!

Gwyneth Paltrow also shares this super cheap beauty tip: save used coffee grounds in a jar, and store by the kitchen sink. Give your hands a quick scrub twice a day. “It gets rid of the smell of garlic or fish, and keeps your hands soft and smooth.”

Moisturize with shimmer lotion

The subtle gold shimmer will make your skin look really healthy! It’s an age-old trick used in magazine and advertising shoots, and is a lot easier to pull off now IRL because the shimmer lotions have smaller flecks and look more natural. Try Fenty Beauty Body Lava, which comes in different shades to suit all skin tones.