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Detoxify! Body Care Tips To Help You Become Better This 2018

We’re too obsessed with taking care of our face that we often neglect body care. It may not be something you think on a regular basis but it definitely should. Maintaining your whole body is as crucial as keeping your skin healthy and glowing. Once you give the attention your entire body deserves, you’ll instantly feel the change and glow all over. We’ve got quick and easy beauty tips that will nourish your body from head to toe.

Collagen Supplements

No matter how old you are, collagen is the real deal. As we age, collagen fibers break thus all the signs of aging starts to appear from wrinkles, fine lines to dry and sagging skin. Prevention is always better than cure so start investing on one before it’s too late.

Proper exfoliation

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Those rough little bumps at the back of our thighs and arms aren’t good at all. We choose to ignore it, thinking there’s no way out. Keratosis Pillaris is a condition where skin develops excess protein called Keratin that blocks follicles and causes the bumps to develop. Use products containing BHA or AHA to chemically cure the affected areas for smoother and more flawless skin.

Brittle Nails

Body Care Tips 2018, body care, body tips, beauty tips for body

It is not only our hair and skin needs moisturizing. Our nails need them too. By dipping your nails in olive oil for at least five minutes everyday can increase its moisture content and reduce breakage.

Scalp Problems

Body Care Tips 2018, body care, body tips, beauty tips for body

While anti-dandruff shampoos are around, there’s a more natural way to treat dry scalp. PH re-balance is the key. One of the most popular tricks is pouring over 1 to 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar over lukewarm water and soak it in your scalp after shampooing. It doesn’t only heal the process of dryness, it also adds moisture and contributes to the overall growth of the hair from the cuticle.

Tone all over

Our body needs some pampering. There’s no need to book an expensive massage session when you can actually try a home remedy. All you need to have is five green tea bags and warm water for a bath. Aside from feeling relaxed, Green Tea doesn’t only work for your digestive detoxification, it also works for the rest of your outer skin. You can add a few drops of vitamin E for a softer skin.

Natural way to remove blackheads

Body Care Tips 2018, body care, body tips, beauty tips for body

The craze over these pore strips and blackhead removing creams are crazy depite being painful. Try a new and more natural alternative by pouring in a few drops of honey on a sliced lemon and rubbing it over the affected area. The honey helps absorbs dirt and bacteria leaving your pores and unclog while lemon closes the opening and helps tighten the skin for a clearer, more radiant complexion.

Turmeric magic

Turmeric powder is believed to not only remove bacteria but also lessen skin inflammation and irritation. Mask your body with turmeric powder combining it with either coconut oil or honey for a more glowing, acne free skin. Just be careful of the stains it may leave to your towels and clothes.

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