Do You Have What It Takes To Be The New Star of THEFACESHOP?

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For those of you who don’t already know, THEFACESHOP is one of the leading Korean beauty brands right here in Singapore. Here’s a little bit about them: THEFACESHOP started its brand with the aim of helping you keep your skin healthy and beautiful with the use of a unique blend of natural ingredients. Hailing from Korea, THEFACESHOP offers about 1000 skincare, body care, hair care and makeup products. What we love most about the brand is that, as a part of their dedication to nature, THEFACESHOP does not test their products on animals and their product packagings are all recyclable.

Anyway, getting back to the being the new star of THEFACESHOP! THEFACESHOP kicks off the #EcoBeautySquadSG Campaign which is actually a nationwide search for a new LOCAL STAR right here in SINGAPORE! Starting on the 6th of July 2020, this campaign or rather a competition is to find a young personality that encompasses the brand’s ethos of real and natural beauty!

Hence, THEFACESHOP calls for all the applicants to express that it means to be beautiful, inside and out. This campaign encourages everyone to “Dare to Be”! Whether it means to feel totally comfortable and free in your own skin or to be confident about one of your best features! If you’re worried about not having prior experience, you don’t have to anymore! This is because THEFACESHOP welcomes everyone, those with and without experience as they aim to create and provide an opportunity for aspiring talents!

Take note! All the applicants are urged to let their natural beauty shine whilst demonstrating their inner strings and desires to be trendsetters. What’s more is, the #EcoBeautySquadSG winner will receive a comprehensive Grand Prize package that is worth up to SGD 15,000!! 😍😍😍

This package includes:

  • A 12-month contract with THEFACESHOP
  • A 12-month supply of THEFACESHOP products
  • A brand-new DSLR camera
  • A full-day pampering session sponsored by THEFACESHOP, plus exclusive learning experiences that money just can’t buy!

Now, for the process of choosing the winner! All the applicants will go through several rounds of elimination starting with the shortlisting of the top 100 participants who will be required to attend an online introductory session. Then, followed by three thematic workshops, which is the first of such workshops to be held virtually in Singapore!

During this workshop, media personality Mong Chin Tech will be leading it as she will be mentoring the participants on some techniques and strategies to achieve success in the digital world. Each of the workshops will be focusing on a specific topic, with elimination challenges to identify the applicants who will be moving on to the next level.

Also, the top three challenge winners will be receiving exciting prizes after each workshop! Finally, at the end of the workshops, TEN (10) finalists will then be selected to participate in a full-day finale event that will end with the announcement of the Grand Prize winner! 🏆


Here’s how you enter the #EcoBeautySquad Competition:

The #EcoBeautySquad Competition is open to all Singapore citizens and residents of the age of 18 years and above.

To participate, all you have to do is:

  1. Upload a photo or a video (no longer than 1 minute) of yourself on Instagram, with ONE interesting fact about yourself that will make you a top choice to be the new star of THEFACESHOP!
  2. Next, fill up the google form
  3. Hashtag #EcoBeautySquadSG and tag @thefaceshop_sg
  4. Follow @thefaceshop_sg and wait for updates as they will direct message you on Instagram if you are selected!
  5. Set your Instagram account into being a public account!

Yeap, that’s ALL it takes to be in the running for a life-changing experience, courtesy of THEFACESHOP!

Each entry will be judged based on the level of creativity, originality, engagement level and how well your picture of video complements the brand values and image of THEFACESHOP!

The deadline to enter this competition ends on the 16TH OF AUGUST 2020!

For more information on THEFACESHOP and the #EcoBeautySquad Campaign terms and conditions, feel free to visit or follow the official social media accounts of THEFACESHOP on Facebook or Instagram!