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Don’t Get Me Wrong. How to Pronounce These Korean Beauty Brands

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To say that we love Korean skincare products would be a complete and utter understatement. We are actually obsessed with it. Those egg masks and panda-shaped face mists are a treat for the senses, even when the multi-consonant names can be tongue twisters. Here, a quick pronunciation guide for some of our favorite Korean Skin Care Brands in Ranking.



The wrong way: Lan-age

The right way: Luh-nej

Laneige pursues water science as its philosophy to help women achieve a radiant, dewy complexion. According to the brand, this is a promise to create products to help women’s skin maintain optimal moisture levels to protect it from damaging elements such as dryness, stress, and pollution. True to the Korean holistic approach to skincare, Laneige has perfected the K-beauty routine. Laneige combines its research on the water with a promise to deliver the “essence of hydration” and deliver products that maintain skin so that it is hydrated and protected from the elements.



korean skincare products, korean skin care brands ranking, korean beauty brands

The wrong way: Sul-whaaa-soo

The right way: Suhl-ha-soo

Sulwhasoo products are formulated in accordance with the Korean philosophies of Sang-Seng to foster harmony between body and mind, harmony between scents and texture, traditional techniques and technological breakthroughs. The other principle upheld is that of Jaeumdan which is a combination of 5 herbal and medicinal plants of Peony, Solomon’s Seal, East Indian Lotus, White Lily and Adhesive Rehmannia to produce products and protect the yin energy of the skin.


Etude House

The wrong way: E-tude House

The right way: Eh-twee-d House

This is what happens when you put a Korean twist on a French word. If your style is cute and feminine, and you can’t resist prettily packaged cosmetics, Etude House is the brand for you. The store’s distinctive faux pink roof overhangs an interior that’s as sweet and irresistible as cotton candy. Etude House’s top bestseller is the Moistfull Collagen Cream, which despite its odd name has sold 2 million units in Korea. Containing baobab tree extract and marine collagen, this product promises long-lasting fresh moisture. The cream has kind of a creamy-watery consistency and absorbs into the skin quickly, leaving the skin feeling hydrated but not sticky.



korean skincare products, korean skin care brands ranking, korean beauty brands

The wrong way: Eye-ope

The right way: Eye-oh-peh

Now that’s eye-opening. If you haven’t already heard of IOPE, then allow us to introduce you to one of the brands currently making some of the world’s most famous Korean beauty products. IOPE is a luxury Korean beauty brand that is extremely popular throughout Asia and has been steadily gaining fame throughout Europe and the US since the release of its BB Cushion foundation product, the Iope Air Cushion. Like other high-end Korean beauty brands, IOPE offers a range of products that come packaged in highly sophisticated designs. Its primary color palette is white and blue.



The wrong way: Kich-oh

The right way: Ghee-cho

Kicho in Korea means “basic” and refers to their natural approach to skincare: they avoid unnecessary and harmful ingredients. And rather stick to high-quality, natural, proven ones, sourced from around the world. Kicho has been in skincare business for 50 years.

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