Ladies! Don’t have the time to hit the gym regularly, but looking for a quick and effective way to slim down? We’ve got the perfect solution! Introducing dorra Slimming, a slimming centre exclusively for women to help them achieve their dream figure.

At dorra Slimming, all customers will get a complimentary body-fat analysis scan and consultation so that treatments are customised based on your body composition and aligned to your body goals. Their focus on machinery treatments, combined with their specially formulated Advanced Peptide Slimming Technology is what sets them apart in the industry. Their non-invasive treatments do not require you to go on slimming pills, workout programmes or crash diets.

Attaining your dream figure is so easy with dorra Slimming! It’s no wonder their bestselling Intense Fat Burning Slimming Treatment was crowned the Best Slimming Treatment in the recent Beauty Insider’s Readers’ Choice Award 2023. Today, we’re sharing all you need to know about the slimming centre and what you can expect from the Intense Fat Burning Slimming Treatment.

dorra Slimming

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dorra Slimming first arrived in Singapore in 2011 and boasts an impressive clientele ever since. With 7 outlets located island wide, the slimming centre has helped over 50,000 women and celebrities slim down in just ten short years. As an expert in tummy, hip, and thigh slimming, they make sure that every client can confidently flaunt a svelte and shapely figure.

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Now let’s review their bestselling Intense Fat Burning Slimming Treatment. In one session, it promises up to 5cm loss and up to 53% increase in fat burning in the tummy, hips or thighs! It’s a popular choice among women because it targets the most stubborn fats, and even visceral fats. On top of looking good, this treatment also promotes a healthier you!

The Science Behind The Intense Fat Burning Slimming Treatment

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Before we get into the process of this particular treatment, let’s talk about how the treatment breaks down and burns fat, before discharging it from our bodies naturally. This entire process utilises a few of the body’s physiological mechanisms. The main one, lipolysis, is the process of breaking down fat molecules into free fatty acids and glycerol. Once the molecules have been broken down into fatty acids, they are then oxidised, in which the fatty acids are further broken down into carbon dioxide and water. These two are then discharged through the lungs and kidneys naturally.

The techniques used in the treatment increases your body’s efficiency to eliminate fat cells naturally, by up to a whopping 53%! Overall, regular sessions of this treatment are bound to ensure constant fat burning over time.

What To Expect

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Curious how the Intense Fat Burning Slimming Treatment by dorra Slimming goes? Well, it starts off with ensuring you’re comfortably lying down on the treatment bed. Then, a slimming specialist massages the Fat Burning Ampoule and Oxygen Gel onto your preferred targeted area, before running the Infrared Hammer Roll to allow the slimming peptide to further penetrate into your body. This is to ensure that the deepest fatty layers are targeted to maximise the slimming effects.

On the other hand, the Fat Burning Ampoule also known as Purple Carnitine 892 and contains ATO-145 Slimming Peptide and Carnitine. To get technical, the ATO-145 Slimming Peptide is a type of amino acid that triggers cells to perform lipolysis, a natural metabolic process that burns fat. This powerful peptide can even penetrate the deepest layers of fat, increasing fat burning by up to 53%. In addition, the ATO-145 Slimming Peptide also helps prevent fat accumulation.

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Another ingredient found in the ampoule is Carnitine, an amino acid derivative that plays a crucial role in transporting excess fatty acids to cells to be burned for energy. This helps to speed up the metabolism and promotes weight loss.

After that, your specialist will apply an Oxygen Gel, which is used in the treatment to deliver oxygen to the body and enhance the absorption of the ampoule. An increase in oxygen levels in the body also means a boost in metabolism and an improvement in your overall wellness.

Visible results can be seen in one session! With absolutely no downtime, no diet or exercise required, what’s not to love about the Intense Fat Burning Slimming Treatment?

Want to try this effortless slimming treatment? You’re in luck! Readers get to try their signature Intense Fat Burning Slimming Treatment worth $486 at just $28! Booking it just got easier with Beauty Insider’s Book & Go service. Click the link down below to Book & Go!

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