Dr Fresco

Dr. Fresco

Categories : Equipment/Tools, Professional

Experience cleaner, smoother skin with delightful ease . Dr. Fresco gently removes old keratin and dirt from your skin pores that cannot be reached using normal cleansing routines. For even more effective results , use Dr. Fresco before your skin care routine to experience more beautiful and radiant skin.

  • Cleanses skin pores and gaps
  • Removes keratin
  • keeps skin taunt

For Hair
Dr. Fresco & H 620nm (=I0nm)
Cleanse blemishes and dirt from your scalp smoothly using the elaborately engineered head of Dr. Fresco & H. In the process. fats in your skin pores are also removed, giving you stronger, firmer hair and a healthier scalp. A red LED further invigorates your scalp.

For Face
Dr. Fresco & F  415nm (=I0nm)
Dr. Fresco & F otters you ultimate versatility and value. Besides using it for treatment on your face. it can also be used to treat other areas of concern such as your back. d4collete. hands and legs. It is also effective against acne.
For optimum results. use Dr. Fresco before your skin care routine. Not only can you improve your skin’s moisture retention. you also make it more permeable so the benefits of your skin care are amplified. It also supports skin turnover. leading to more transparent skin. The blue LED also helps to keep your skin clear.