Dress Up Your Digits in the Top Nail Art Trends

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Looking for something new to do with your nails apart from the usual manicure? These top nail art designs are currently trending. You can do some of these at home DIY or drop by your favorite nail salon for some well-deserved pampering. Here are some nail art ideas for your next manicure.

Photo from OPI
  1. Half Moon nails

Seen in: Tom Ford and Moschino runway shows

What once was a passé nail trend is now a favorite among nail art lovers. The half moon manicure was previously done with the half moon (or the bottom of the nail) in a light color. The rest of the nail was usually painted a dark color. Change up the color combination to give this look a modern touch. Use a darker shade on the bottom or the half moon and a lighter shade for majority of the nail. You can also give it some graphic lines like the tutorial from OPI (photo above).

  1. Red + naturals

Seen in: Bottega Veneta, Prabal Gurung, Nina Ricci

In the runway shows, nails were painted a full shiny red or a clean nude nail. If you have already been sporting this look for most of the week, why not change it up by mixing the two trends with a bit of nail art? If you are not fond of bright red nails, go for a mostly nude manicure. Then pop in some red details. Or do the opposite if you want to make a statement. This style from Sally Hansen (photo above) is a great inspo to take to your next manicure appointment!

  1. Glitter

Seen in: Tom Ford, Anna Sui, Jeremy Scott

You do not have to wait till the weekend to wear a glitter manicure. Just choose a color you can wear to work, like pinks, champagnes, or rose golds. This trend is fun to wear especially if you just want to add some positive vibes to your every day. Plus points if you can match your glittery nails with a bit of glitter in your makeup!

Photo from The Nail Artelier
  1. Over the top nail art

Seen in: Mulberry

This one you might want to leave for the weekends or for special occasions. Get your nail art done by a professional and go crazy! Add bling, flowers, swipe on lots of different shades. If you still want it to look clean, be sure to follow a color palette just like these nail art samples from The Nail Artelier.

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