Dyson Singapore Review: Does This Hairdryer Live Up to the Hype?

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Would you pay $600 for a hairdryer? That’s the average price of Dyson in Singapore, and probably one of the most expensive hair tools you’ll own. But lots of women say that it is worth every cent. “I kept wasting money on cheaper blowdryers that were too hard to use and damaged my hair. Then I finally bought this and I said to myself, ‘Why did I wait so long?!’” said one beauty editor.

Read on to get fun facts and beauty reviews of the most high-tech hairdryer in Singapore!

How does the Dyson hairdryer work?

Dyson basically looks like a plastic donut. How does that dry your hair? Basically, the cylinder uses a ‘Air Multiplier technology’, which sucks in air, multiplies its power, then funnels it through the ring.  Read our interview with Dyson on the science behind this cool hair tool, and watch this video:

Why is it so expensive?

Think of it this way: Dyson spent $71 million to develop this product, and they went all out. Fun fact: they sent their hair dryer development engineers to hairdressing school so they would know people’s blowdrying challenges.  They also tested 600 prototypes before they were happy that the finally had perfected the technology. If all the hair they used to test it on were lined up, it would stretch out to 1,000 miles!

So you’re paying for this technology, plus sturdy materials that won’t overheat, crack, or break down. As long as you take good care of your Dyson, it’ll last you a lifetime!

Is it really easier to use than a regular blowdryer?

Yes! Tons of Dyson Singapore reviews have women singing its praises. First of all, it’s lighter than other hair dryers – six times lighter, to be exact. Your arms don’t get tired from holding it up as you style your hair.

It also dries hair in half the time of all the other hair dryer in Singapore, thanks to its super powerful motor. Plus, you don’t need to use a hair straightener after. “It used to take me more than half an hour to fix my hair. Now, I’m done in 10 to 15 minutes!” says one Dyson Singapore fan.

Another beauty reviewer said that she’s never really been good with hair drying, but Dyson’s so effective that her hair looks great with very little effort. “I used to have to go to salons to have my hair done for special occasions, but now I can do my hair at home and get professional results.”

How does Dyson protect your hair from damage?

Styling your hair everyday will lead to heat damage, but if you can’t live without blowdrying, at least get a Dyson. You can really tweak the controls – it has four temperature settings and three airflow settings – so you quickly get the look you want. That means you expose your hair to less heat while still achieving your perfect ‘do.

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