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Dyson Just Made their Supersonic Even Better & We’re Obsessed!

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Both celebrities and beauty bloggers worldwide have made the Dyson Supersonic hugely popular. With names like Kim Kardashian and Lady Gaga both using the Dyson many at home users have purchased them too. Closer to home, Jennie from Blank Pink, is a huge advocate of the hairdryer as well. Thanks to Dyson’s newest hair dryer attachments, the Supersonic just got better! Beauty Insider lets you in on what’s new with this popular hair dryer.

What Your At-Home Hair Dryer is Doing to Your Hair


For something we use everyday, there is little knowledge about the hair dryer you have at home. Most hair dryers get a bad reputation due to the harmful effects people see from heat styling tools. Dyson interviewed a large selection of women. Out of this pool, over 40% claimed they rather air dry their hair due to the damage done from the heat of a hair dryer. With hair problems becoming more common, 80% of women interviewed said they had damaged hair from salons or frequent heat styling and 60% claimed they had scalp damage.

The negative results come from a concentrated heat blasts that tend to increase with time of usage. In other words, a normal hair dryer gets hotter the longer you dry your hair but only dries a small area of the head at a time. This sounds perfectly fine unless you start analysing the time of usage, frequency and condition of your hair every day. Prolonged use of similar hair tools such as flat irons or curling wands can severely damage hair cuticles and lead to breakage in the long run.

Dyson’s Answer for Women Everywhere!

Dyson’s brand new attachments for the Supersonic were released at the end August. The new attachments will be fitted to the new Dyson Supersonic hard dryers and will retail for the same price. The following have been made better:

  • Gentle air dryer
  • Re-engineered Diffuser
  • Re-engineered Styling Concentrator 

These items have gone through years of testing to produce the best yet most efficient drying experience for at home users. Furthermore, this is perfectly suited to Asian hair and even those who suffer from hair problems.

Gentle Hair Dryer

The gentle hair dryer works with the same technology as the air wrap. This allows it to have its motor in the handle, delivering a gentler cooler airflow that is more efficient. The motor used is 280 times faster than that of a normal hair dryer. It is also able to regulate the heat and lower it if necessary. This is great for coloured hair, thinning hair or a damaged scalp that requires extra care.

Re-engineered Styling Concentrator

Ever wanted a more voluminous blow out? For precise airflow for an event, the styling concentrator is perfect. It has be re-engineered to be wider and thinner allowing for a more efficient job as it covers a larger section of hair at once.

Re-engineered Diffuser

Curly hair girls- Dyson heard your woes! The brand new diffuser has longer prongs designed to define curls but reduce frizz (Amen!). Think smoother, bouncier curls that stay for longer. Airflow is more even and directs straight to the roots without attacking the scalp with heat like other diffuses.

Price: The new Dyson Supersonic comes refitted with these new attachments and retails at $599. The new attachements will fit with your old Supersonic and retail at $49 each. Buy the new Supersonic at the Dyson Demo Store or online.

Location: Dyson Demo Store – Beauty Lab #01-27, Funan Mall, 107 North Bridge Rd, Singapore 179105