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East Meets West Skill for a Great Facial Treatment in Orchard!

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While strolling in the iconic Lucky Plaza last weekend, we saw this budget-friendly spa called Skinz Heritage. They offer reasonable facial treatment in Lucky Plaza and we bet that quality and bargain hunters will love it here! 


Their most affordable facial is the Anti-Stress Detox treatment which costs $108 only. This facial is for all skin types and is especially recommended for people whose skin looks tired. The treatment will help control oiliness, stimulate the natural production of collagen, repair damage, and detoxify the skin.

As a part of their special promotion period, Skinz Heritage will give their first-time customers this facial for less! Price begins at $28 (save up to $80). Simply call (+65) 67333 060 or WhatsApp (+65) 8211 8299 them to book your treatment.

For best results, avail their traditional Chinese facial called Bo Jin as an add-on to your detox facial. The Bo Jin facial ($98) will further cleanse, hydrate, and rejuvenate your skin. It will also help remove the remaining dead skin cells in your face.

Skinz Heritage personalizes your facial treatment based on your skin’s condition. You will receive a free skin consultation upon your visit. From there, the estheticians will recommend the best facial treatment for you.

Go-to Place for Bust Enhancement

Hanging out in Skinz Heritage, we discovered that they also help you grow your breasts naturally. They offer a Lymphatic Bust Enhancement ($198), a traditional Chinese inspired massage which stimulates the mammary glands and increases blood flow to the breasts. As a result, you’ll get a firmer bosom, a bigger cup size, improved bust shape, and a tighter, more supple skin.

The treatment also aids in detoxification. According to their therapists, making this your regular breast massage decreases your chances of developing breast cancer. Right now, Skinz Heritage offers their new customers this treatment for $38. You’re saving up to $160 and that’s a deal you shouldn’t miss.

Hassle-Free Hair Removal

Skinz Heritage also offers Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) hair removal on different parts of the body. Unlike the regular laser hair removal treatment, the IPL uses high-powered light that has multiple wavelengths as opposed to one single beam. These rays target hair follicles and inhibit hair growth permanently.

While IPL hair removal promises to free you from shaving, you should know that this treatment is not entirely painless. Don’t worry, Skinz Heritage uses whitening or soothing mask to relieve the discomforts, or alternatively using customization mask according to your skin condition. Book your IPL session in their clinic today and enjoy 1 month unlimited shots per spot for just $28 !

On-point slimming massages

Finally, Skinz Heritage offers a slimming massage that combines the Traditional Chinese Medicine’s acupoints massage and the latest technology. The massage makes use of the therapist’s finger to stimulate acupressure points in the tummy following with the use of an anti-cellulite machine to help speed up the results. Depending on the condition, they also use ultrasonic cavitation and radio frequency machines to get rid of both superficial fat and visceral fat deposited effectively (usually find around the waist and upper body) which normally liposuction will not able to deal with.

The great thing about acupoint massage is its health benefits. Aside from a firmer tummy, it can also ease dysmenorrhea or menstrual pain.

Normally, this massage costs $180 per area. First-time customers can also try this slimming session for $28 per area. You can save up to $80! Simply call (+65) 8211 8299 or WhatsApp (+65) 67333 060 them to book yours.

For more information and to book a visit, click here.

Skinz Heritage is located at Unit #04-55 Lucky Plaza Shopping Centre in the iconic Orchard Road.

*Terms and conditions apply on all promotions mentioned in this article. Visit for more information.

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