Easter Nail Art Ideas That Will Get You Leaping To Try!

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As the end of March is approaching, that means Easter is too! and we know that the end of the month means new nails to flaunt for the rest of the new month. Hence, Beauty Insider gives you 10 Easter nail art ideas you could think of getting this year!

Summer Bunny

How cute are these nails right? Something girly, feminine, soft, peachy, and full of summer. It’s like you’ve got summer on your nails.

Easter Chic

Now, these nails got us all saving it in our Instagram. It has the soft, pastels colours of summer, but it is also not too cartoony. It’s chic and classy, perfect for working adults!

Easter Eggs


For all you egg lovers, here is a nail art you will enjoy. What we love about it is the base of the pastel colour, plashed with those egg effects.

Pastel Ombre

Who said you can’t have your favourite designed incorporated with your Easter nail design. This soft pastel ombre nails are definitely one to try!

Bunny Ears

If you find the entire bunny on your nail a little too unprofessional or not your style, you can always opt for a half bunny or just the bunny ears on a pastel background.

Easter Chicks

Something fun, cute and exciting to have on this easter. With the pop and mixture of colour, this is definitely for all you happy-go-lucky girls!

Go Pastel!

This is a minimalistic and elegant easter nail art design. Perfect for everyone in any environment. You can even go matte with these colours and never go wrong.

Rainbow Marble Swirl


When we saw this, it reminded us of ice cream! This rainbow marble swirl design is perfect for those of you who don’t mind trying new things and taking chances! Also, the mix of colours are so yummy!

Floral Bunny

This sophisticated nail art design is definitely not for the faint-hearted! There’s so much going on, especially with the intricate details of the nail art. Honestly, we would give the manicurist applause, and you guys should definitely give this a try!

Easter Confetti

This nail design screams “parrr-tayyy”. If you’re having an Easter dinner or gathering with family and friends, this chic nail design is definitely one you need to give a try!

Here are Beauty Insider’s recommendations of nails salons you can go to for your Easter manicure:

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