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Editor’s Review: Marc Anthony Maximum Moisture Hydra Lock Haircare

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Here is my “mane” frustration: I have very fine and thin hair. I tried to make it look thicker by getting colouring and highlighting treatments, but this left my hair very dry and brittle. Sadly, many moisturizing shampoos tend to weigh down my hair, so it loses the little volume it has. Could Marc Anthony Hydra Lock collection help my hair?

Why does your hair need hydration?

When your hair loses moisture, it becomes brittle and weak, like a dried out leaf. Moisturizing shampoos and conditioners coat the outer surface and act like a barrier.

However, the problem with many moisturizing hair care products is that you end up with a heavy layer of creams or oils sitting on your strands. It’s uncomfortable, and makes your hair look really limp and greasy. Shampoo build up in your scalp can also clog hair follicles and cause hair fall.

What you really need are hydrating haircare products. These unique formulas increase the moisture content in your hair strands and heal it from within. So, you’re not just coating the hair with oils and creams, but reviving the hair with ingredients that attract and trap moisture.

What is Marc Anthony Maximum Moisture Hydra Lock?

That’s what the Marc Anthony Maximum Moisture Hydra Lock collection does for your hair. It’s a “modern look at moisture” that deeply hydrates and deep-conditions the hair, but doesn’t weigh your hair down.

This revolutionary haircare line combines different ingredients that carry moisture not just onto the hair, but into the hair.

  • Jojoba Oil micro pearls dissolve for a burst of extra moisture
  • Quinoa Protein locks in moisture, leaving hair softer and stronger
  • Silk amino acids penetrate the hair and provide a light, invisible film to shield it from environmental damage
  • Plant extracts like avocado oil, jojoba oil, and olive fruit oil strengthen and soften strands, and leave a natural pleasant fragrance

Marc Anthony Maximum Moisture Hydra Lock is free from potentially irritating and harmful ingredients like sulfates, SLS, parabens, and phthalates. It is safe for coloured hair, and will actually help your colour last longer! It is so gentle that you can use it even if you have very sensitive scalps or brittle hair.

Marc Anthony Maximum Moisture Hydra Lock Shampoo

Shop now: $17.90, Watsons,

Beauty reviews love this shampoo! “The products are weightless,” says Yessi. “My hair is soft, shiny and looks a lot healthier just after one use. I would highly recommend!”

Jojo says the shampoo really made a difference in her hair. “The light formula doesn’t leave heavy residue on my hair. I’ve also noticed less breakage for sure!”

After trying this shampoo for several weeks, I must agree that this shampoo makes your hair feel really soft, clean and bouncy! It also makes my hair smell really fresh and fragrant. It’s gentle enough to use every day—it won’t dry out your hair or your scalp.

Marc Anthony Maximum Moisture Hydra Lock Conditioner

Shop now: $17.90, Watsons,

Since I have fine hair, I only needed to apply a small amount, and then worked it through my hair with my fingers. I massaged it into my scalp and left it for a few minutes before rinsing off.

I noticed that after using this conditioner, my hair felt a lot softer and manageable. I asked my friend, who has very thick and curly hair, to try it—and she was amazed. Normally she had to blowdry and style her hair so it would “behave” in Singapore’s humid weather. But this conditioner tamed her hair. She was very happy with the results!

Marc Anthony Maximum Moisture Hydra Lock Hair Mist

Shop now: $18.90, Watsons,

This is one of the most useful hair products I have ever tried. I loved using this before styling my hair, like before curling my bangs or combing my hair into a sleek pony. It helps protect my hair from heat damage, and is useful for smoothing down wayward strands.

I also used this to control frizziness in the middle of the day—a few pumps of Marc Anthony Hydra Lock Hair Mist, and my hair looked smooth and neat! Remember my friend who loved Marc Anthony conditioner? She fell in love with the hair mist too.

This is also a great haircare product to bring around if you travel or spend a lot of time outdoors. Hair can get really dry out in the sun, and I don’t like applying hair oils because it makes my hair look greasy. The hair mist adds moisture, and feels very refreshing on a hot day too. I plan on getting one for my brother, who loves playing tennis and golf.  Men need haircare products, too

Marc Anthony Maximum Moisture Hydra Shots

Shop now: $4.90, Watsons,

Don’t have time to go to a hair salon? Then pamper your hair with this deep conditioning treatment. It costs less than $5, but treats your hair to premium ingredients that rejuvenate even the most dry and damaged strands.

Apply the hair mask and wrap your hair in a plastic shower cap to trap in the product and the heat. Leave it on for 20 minutes and relax while it does its magic. This is the perfect opportunity to watch your favourite TV show or enjoy a hot cup of tea—make it your Me time!

The Perfect Hydrating Treatment for any Hair Type

While the Marc Anthony Maximum Moisture Hydra Lock Hair Collection is ideal for fine hair, I would totally recommend it for everyone. It won’t weigh down oily hair or scalp, and it can work wonders on frizzy and curly hair, too. It’s colour-safe, free of chemicals, and gentle enough for every day use. Giving this haircare line a 10/10!

Find out more about Marc Anthony haircare products on their website, Instagram and Facebook pages.