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Effective Body Skincare Tips: 6 Easy Solutions for 6 Common Body Skin Problems

We all have body skin problems. Some have it manageable, some, unfortunately, have it in the worse ways possible. Body skincare plays an important role in one’s confidence. We acknowledge that hard and ugly truth here in Beauty Insider, that’s why we’re sharing some effective body care tips to you!

Look great clothes, and look even better naked with these easy solutions for common body skin problems.

For Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are an inevitable part of life. We will all get these marks over our lifetime. For women, pregnancy is the usually the main culprit. However, there are still many other possible causes to growing stretch marks such as thinning of the skin as we age, or sudden weight loss, and even weight gain.

The best way to counter this body skin problem is to treat it as soon as they start showing up. It is always easier to prevent something than to cure it!

When stretch marks are new, they come of as pink in color. Some have it red. While they are still at this stage, they are still most receptive to v-beam or a pulsed dye laser. This laser treatment is priced at an estimate of $400 to $800 per session.


For Cellulite

Cellulites are probably the most frustrating body skin problem. Besides the fact that they totally look unpleasant, there is still no cure found to fix this problem up to this day.

The good news is, there are two things you can to do prevent cellulites from happening! One is radio frequency treatment. The most popular one today is called Thermage. It basically tightens the tissue of your problem areas for a great 2 years. Another is tightening and lifting creams! This one’s the cheaper, quicker but a more temporary approach.



If you are the type of girl who is always on the go, it is almost impossible to avoid having an occasional contusion. While a bruise usually comes off on its own after a few good days, there are times when you need to get rid of them immediately.

You can help your bruises heal faster by massaging it gently everyday with an anti-inflammatory topical cream or lotion. If you badly need it to go away the next day or in the next few hours, you can use makeup to cover it up!

You can simply get yourself a purple concealer, or if you really don’t have enough time to buy one, you can use a red lipstick to dab on to your bruise before you apply your normal shade concealer and foundation.


Body Acne

Living in Singapore has its charms, but it also has its few downsides such as the usually hot weather. It is only normal to sweat and produce oil on a daily basis, especially if you are always on the run.

However sweat and oil are main reasons of pores clogging, especially on body parts are less washed and touched like our backs and chests.

Using soap, body wash or shower gel that has salicylic acid can do the trick!



There are different levels of scars. There is small, light ones, there are deep ones, dark ones, red-ish ones, and the list goes on and on. Small cars, especially those that are new are the ones easy to treat. Using scar gels, creams, serums, and oils can help flatten and lighten this type of scars.

If you are the impatient type and these topical creams aren’t your type of thing, you can check out laser treatments such as vascular and Fraxel lasers. There are also steroids injectable available in the market that are more for scars that are raised and textured.


Arm Bumps

People who have eczema or dry skin usually experience arm bumps. If you have arm bumps, the best way not to worsen is by not scrubbing or scratching it! You’re only going to make inflamed.

Look for skin products that have alpha hydroxyl acids and hydrocortisone. These substances are effective in clearing up redness, bumps and inflammation.