essano’s Vitamin C Skincare Review: Affordable Luxury For Glowing Skin

By: Dedet Panabi / October 15, 2020

If there’s one skincare ingredient that everyone needs, it’s Vitamin C. Dermatologists always recommend it for dull and uneven skin tone, fine lines, acne scars, and overall protection from environmental damage. It is a skincare superhero – and the key ingredient in essano’s newest Vitamin C Brightening skincare line.

Vitamin C: The Super Skincare Ingredient  

Thinking of incorporating Vitamin C into your skincare routine? Here are a couple of reasons why it is amazing for your skin.

Vitamin C from the new essano range is extracted from papayas, pineapples, mangoes and kakadu.

It is a powerful antioxidant

Antioxidants protect our skin from free radical damage caused by UV rays, pollution, and blue light emitted by phones and laptops. “Free radicals are unstable molecules that can cause damage to our cells,” says Dr Noelani González, M.D., director of cosmetic dermatology at Mount Sinai, New York. Antioxidants protect, prevent, and limit free radical damage. “Not only will your skin be better looking, but it will also be healthier in general.”

It keeps your skin firm and supple

Vitamin C serums stimulate your skin’s collagen production, to prevent sagging and minimize the appearance of fine lines. It also helps in your skin regeneration – or, in layman’s terms, your skin’s ability to shed dead skin cells and replace them with healthy cells.Aside from strengthening your skin, Vitamin C helps your skin heal itself,” says celebrity esthetician Renée Rouleau.

It brightens dark spots and uneven skin tone

Vitamin C inhibits your skin’s melanin production and can help lighten hyperpigmentation and brown spots. It is also gentler than other skin lightening ingredients and is less likely to make your skin sensitive to the sun.

It helps you to manage breakouts

While it can’t prevent acne, it can reduce inflammation and redness. Since it promotes skin healing and fades dark spots, you’re less likely to get acne scars.

essano Singapore: Your Daily Dose of Vitamin C

Many Vitamin C skincare products are really expensive—one bottle of Vitamin C serum alone can cost $90 to $190!

But there’s good news for skincare lovers: essano’s new Vitamin C range is finally in Singapore. essano is New Zealand’s biggest natural skincare brand. All its ingredients are hand-selected and then processed in their own on-site lab and factory. This means that they watch every step of the process to make sure that each bottle meets their high standards.

essano skincare has the same quality as one of those fancy luxury serums, but at less than half the price.  And the products are environmentally-friendly and cruelty-free.

But does essano work? YES, YES… AND YES! Here’s our complete essano Vitamin C review so you can see why you should grab these new products.

essano Vitamin C Review

The essano Vitamin C range uses Vitamin C sourced from mango, papaya, pineapple and Kakadu. These ingredients all have amazing skincare benefits and work together to bring out the beauty and radiance of your skin.

  • Kakadu plum is a fruit that originates from Australia and has a self-defence system designed to combat harsh Australasian rays. It is also the world’s highest source of Vitamin C and can contain up to 100 times more Vitamin C than an orange! This is one of the “star ingredients” in the essano Vitamin C range that can’t be found in many other brands.
  • Mango protects your skin against free radicals and can clear out clogged pores to prevent breakouts and blemishes.  
  • Papaya is rich in magnesium and potassium and has anti-inflammatory properties. It can help repair and strengthen your skin.  
  • Pineapple improves your skin barrier function, which filters out pollutions and helps hold in hydration. It also reduces irritation.

The essano Vitamin C range is very gentle yet effective, and suitable for normal, combination and oily skin.

1. essano Vitamin C Brightening Gel Cleanser

essano Vitamin C Brightening Gel Cleanser $22.95 for 100 ml

This gel cleanser removes dirt and impurities while brightening and energizing your complexion. Since it’s soap-free, it won’t dry out or irritate your skin. Over 97% of its ingredients are of natural origin. “My new favourite. Smells great, non-drying, and a small bit goes a long way. Very affordable and really does brighten up my skin from the first wash. I have sensitive skin and have had zero issues,” says Renee Michelle C in her essano review.

2. essano Vitamin C Daily Polishing Scrub

essano Vitamin C Brightening Polishing Scrub $22.95 for 100 ml

Slough off dead skin cells and reveal smooth, radiant skin with this vegan facial scrub! Just apply on damp skin and gently massage in circular movements. Focus on “problem areas” like the forehead, nose and chin. Goodbye, blackheads and dry flakes!

Designed for microdermabrasion at home, this scrub is gentle enough to be used every day, unlike exfoliator. After rinsing, apply a serum and moisturizer to hydrate and renew your skin.

3. essano Vitamin C Brightening Eye Gel

essano Vitamin C Brightening Eye Gel $29.95 for 10g

The skin around your eyes is very thin and fragile and is usually the first place where signs of premature ageing start to show: sagging, crepey eyelids, fine lines.

This brightening eye gel can help protect, strengthen and smooth the eye area. And it lightens pigmentation too—so it’s one of the best ways to brighten dark circles and discolouration on the eyelid. For best results, use twice a day.

4. essano Advanced Brightening Vitamin C Concentrated Serum

essano Advanced Brightening Vitamin C Concentrated Serum $39.95 for 20ml

The serum is always the most concentrated and powerful product in any skincare line, so this is the best way to really enjoy the benefits of Vitamin C.

And the essano Vitamin C serum is a skincare powerhouse. It includes additional nutrients from Kakadu Plum, a hero superfruit which contains the highest content of Vitamin C of all fruits. The low irritation formula is designed to target deeper levels of the skin.

It’s clinically proven to reduce UV pigmentation in 56 days, and complete removal of age spots in 16 weeks. It also boosts collagen production and even has UV protection.

You will quickly see a difference in your skin.  “The skin-ageing benefits will obviously take a longer time to notice but in a short time definitely brought a healthier appearance to our skin,” says one essano review.

The essano Vitamin C serum is certainly a very powerful brightening and anti-ageing serum—but we recommend using even if you’re just in your early 20s. That’s because ageing is not about age: it’s the visible effect of all the damage your skin gets every day. City life exposes us to more pollution, and all the time we spend in front of our gadgets and our screens expose us to Blue Light or HEV light. These invisible rays have been linked to hyperpigmentation and collagen damage.

So our skin ageing happens a lot earlier and a lot faster than we think. Add a Vitamin C serum to your skincare routine to protect your skin, even before you see any spots or lines.  And at less than $40, the essano Vitamin C serum is a small investment in how your skin will look like in 10 or 20 years.

5. essano Vitamin C SPF 15 Moisturiser 

essano Vitamin C Brightening SPF15 Moisturiser $29.95 for 75 ml

This amazing moisturizer is packed with Vitamins A, B and C—the most important nutrients your skin needs for healthy cell renewal.  Use it every day, and you’ll see in an improvement in your skin texture and complexion. It will be softer and smoother and have a natural glow.

This moisturizer is really light and easy to absorb, so it’s very suitable for Singapore weather. It won’t feel heavy or greasy or clog up your pores. You can even use it under makeup—just pat it in and then wait a minute for the skin to absorb it before applying foundation. Your makeup will actually look better because your skin is softer and smoother!

The Verdict: Great Value, Amazing Skin!

So what’s the final verdict of essano Vitamin C Skincare review? This is definitely worth a try. You get quality ingredients at a very affordable price—imagine, the cost of buying the entire essano Vitamin C line costs less than the price one bottle of a fancy luxury serum. We think this can give you more value for your money, and more protection for your skin.

You can buy essano in Singapore at selected Watsons stores and also their website here.

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