Spa Esprit

About Spa Esprit is an all around spa for your convenience. It can easily be your favourite homegrown apothecary spa. From the signature House Proud Massage to the fully organic Sink Your Skin Pear and Apple Scrub, each treat has been carefully crafted with you in mind. Spa Esprit is popular with the ladies due […]

Lamis Skin

About Lamis Skin is a beauty salon and wellness center in Singapore that is 100% dedicated to providing each and every customer the best services there is. Lamis Skin created a name for their brand by having high customers satisfaction due to their excellent personal services. The beauty brand also produces quality natural products that […]

Beauty Salon
Strip Co-Ed Paragon

About Strip Co-Ed Paragon is a waxing salon in Singapore. They are known as championing a passion for innovation and an eye for sassy, fun interiors, STRIP: Ministry of Waxing has rocked the world of waxing. The waxing salon is particularly famous for their menu of secret-recipe lotions that treat waxed areas with an unrivalled […]

Topp Care Hair Solutions

About Topp Care Hair Solutions is one of the leading hair care establishment in Singapore. Their aim is to provide high quality services for each and every customer suffering from hair problems, According to them, their mission is to inspire their colleagues, customers, and society to be happier and harmonious through our products, services, and […]


About KO BROWS is a Korean beauty salon in Singapore. They are focused mainly on providing high-quality eyebrow embroidery services. Among many others in the market, they are among the top. The Korean Beauty studio is considered as one of the best due to their experience of the best Korean styles of eyebrow embroidery. They […]

Facia Ginza Singapore

About Facia Ginza Singapore is a facial beauty salon in Singapore. It started as the #1 Small Face Care Salon from Tokyo, and is the highly popular facial salon having expanded from Japan to Taiwan, Singapore and Hong Kong. The facial beauty salon is well-known for the non-invasive Signature Small Face Care treatment, which is […]

Nail Palace

About Nail Palace is a chain of nail care salons in Singapore that has become well-renowned over the years.  They are known to provide excellent provide nail services at fast speeds and competitive prices like Express Pedicure, Express Manicure & Pedicure, Classic Manicure, Classic Pedicure, Classic Manicure & Pedicure, OPI Manicure. It all started from […]

Zupon Beauty

About Established in 1991, Zupon Beauty is a Singapore-based beauty care company providing a comprehensive range of products and services such as facial, wellness, and scalp treatments. They cover treatments from head to toe,  offering holistic skin solutions to our customers. In 2015, Zupon Beauty attained the Gold Category SME prestige award with the strong […]

TK TrichoKare

About TK TrichoKare (pronounced as Try-ko-care) is the Most Trusted Trichological Centre in Singapore. They are responsible for helping customers achieve a full head of healthy hair for over a decade now. By applying advanced formula and revolutionary technology, TrichoKare’s treatments are all customised using premium European herbs validated by certified Trichologists. Moreover, these Trichologists […]

Studio 33

About Studio 33 is a professional hair salon and studio in Singapore. It is conveniently located at 143 Teck Whye Lane #01-227. Making it accessible to customers. The hair salon in one of the newest addition to Singapore’s growing trend of professional hair studios that provide excellent yet affordable hair services and treatments. Some of […]

86 Blanc Hair Studio

About 86 Blanc Studio is a professional hair salon and boutique in Singapore. It is conveniently located at Orchard which makes it accessible to all price ranges, and for everybody. According to them, 86 Blanc Hair Studio have over 10 years of combined experience and they specialize in individually tailoring all of your hair needs […]


About TrichoMed is a revolutionary hair and scalp care centre that effectively treats all hair and scalp conditions with the latest trichology technology. This is done to enable you to regain the confidence and self-esteem you want and deserve. A leading hair and scalp care centre, they ensure clients receive optimal satisfaction with finest hair […]