Beauty Salon
304 Orchard Road, - #06-18, Lucky Plaza Orchard, 238863, Singapore
+65 6455 3255

Adonis Beauty


Adonis Beauty is one of Singapore’s longest running and top leading beauty salon. The beauty salon offers different high quality services ranging from Hair Removal and Waxing Services to Personalised Facial & Vitamin C Infusion & Eye Lifting Therapy and NMF Facial Treatment.

Adonis Beauty was first opened to the public in 1986. Adonis’ professional delivers radiant skin that others notice and get admired across Singapore and Malaysia. The beauty salon is a firm believer of eco-organic treatments before the aromatherapy trend became more prevalent within the health-conscious masses, the Singapore-made brand has been a purveyor of natural beauty and wellness for its clientele for decades.

Adonis Beauty, you can say, is one of the most trusted and reputable specialists when it comes to customized skin care. The product of the consultation and cooperation with a team of herbalists, pharmacologists, and doctors, its “Made for Asia” skincare line is complemented with its salon’s tailored treatment to cater to its patrons’ various skin type and needs.

Adonis’s beliefs: High-quality products, professional training, and proven results have earned us the reputation of being one of Asia’s finest skincare professional. ADONIS present itself as a charismatic, caring, competence, confident and ever-contemporary symbol. Since the inception of human existence, the thriving force of nature: Water (Hydra), Air (Aera), Sunlight (Solar), Nourishment (Vita) and Plant (Flora) form the 5 Elements of the life-force.