Atos Wellness


Atos Wellness is one of the best spas in Singapore providing a very wide range of services which includes facials, body treatments and wellness services like Rigenera Face Therapy, Spa Whitening and Aroma Radiance Facial.

Atos Wellness was established in 1983 with the aim of “making the world a better place”. Atos Wellness specialise in providing high quality facial and body treatments by utilising the high technologies, therapies and products from UK., US, Australia and Germany.

Atos Wellness also specializes in the management of spas and wellness centres in Singapore, Malaysia, India, Australia and Europe. Upholding their philosophy which states that “to assist the individual towards bringing the body into balance, thus creating harmony from within. With this, the body is able to heal itself, naturally.”

Lastly, Atos Wellness believes in projecting the need for harmony within one’s environment as well. This is seen in a bold, unprecedented move towards environmental- friendly skincare products that are totally paraben and chemical free.

The Atos brand endorses a holistic approach to wellness that integrates the best of East and West, modern and traditional therapies which are fused innovatively with state-of-the-art technology that brings the body, mind and spirit into balance.




Great Service, Good Therapist!

Avatar brinaser

Atos Wellness

Great service, Professional therapist! Have been with them for a long time, though it's kinda hard to book, i usually go on a weekday after work, it's important to book in advance!

Hard to book on weekend, but good service

Avatar beautylover00

Atos Wellness

Personally, Saturdays are my rest days when i can pamper myself so a massage is good idea for rest days. Except at this place, it's hard to book on Saturdays because they close really early (and i guess everybody had the same idea to get a massage the last time i tried to book on a weekend). But overall, if you do happen to get an appointment on a Saturday, the massage services are excellent and i loved it.

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Among their many services are the following:

  • Aroma Spa Lympahtic Drainage
  • Aroma BM Pamper Retreat
  • Aroma Radiance Facial
  • Aroma Visa Face & Cleavage Therapy
  • Alissi Bronte 60 mins
  • Aroma Facial 60 mins
  • Avatar Derma Trex 45 mins
  • IPL Skin Rejuvenation 60 mins
  • Rigenera Face Therapy
  • Spa Whitening




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