Beaute Encounter

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Beaute Encounter is a one-stop beauty salon in Singapore. This is their goal since the establishment of their brand. Moreover, they believe that everyone deserves to be beautiful but to redefine the natural beauty that each is born with it, needs a bit more attention and determination.

As a result, Beaute Encounter has created a customized specific beauty regime of each and every customer. This is created to further address each beauty needs without the compromise of being not enough.

In 2018. Beaute Encounter acquired SY1 Hairdresser Saloon in order to expand its expertise of beauty services. The beauty salon believes in using their expertise to deliver the best service to their customers.

Being a one-stop beauty salon, Beaute Encounter has everything you need. From achieving a crystal clear radiant look; firm and toned body contours and/ or cosmetics procedures to enhance your overall look. At Beaute Encounter, all of their staff are experienced, committed and passionate in enhancing and bringing out the natural beauty in You.