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Belle Lady, a beauty and nail salon located within the premises of Orchard Gateway, Singapore, is a multi award-winning establishment that women and men love.

Belle Lady is a beauty parlour that specialises in mani-pedi and eyelash extension services. They offer a wide variety of services from Classic Manicure, OPI Spa Manicure, Acrylic Extension Tips – Full Set to korean cosmetics like Korea Eyeliner, Korea Lips and Eyelash Extension.

Belle Lady offers a wonderful range of nail care and beauty services. Known for its friendly customer service and creative staff, it shares your passion for style and beauty. Relax, unwind, rejuvenate and get something trendy done on your nails by the team of  diligent and talented staff!


Lash extensions services are great!

Avatar happycat_
Beauty Salon

Belle Lady

Got my lashes done here not too long ago to try out their services. And, i loved it! My lashes look fuller and longer, but i opted for the more natural look lash extension set. The lash technician too did a really good job of mixing different lengths of the individual lashes to create the most natural looking set. Great service and great experience!

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Among their many services are the following:

  • Nail Classics
    • Classic Mani & Classic Pedi
    • Gelish Manicure
    • Gelish Pedicure
    • Express Manicure
    • Classic Manicure
    • OPI Spa Manicure
    • Acrylic Extension Tips – Full Set
    • Gel Extension Tips – Full Set
    • Acrylic Infill – Full Set
    • Gel Infill – Full Set
    • Soak Off Gelish – Full Set
    • Soak Off Extension – Full Set
    • Acrylic Extension Sculptured – Full Set
    • Express Pedicure
    • Classic Pedicure
    • Gelish Pedicure
    • OPI Spa Pedicure
  • Waxing
    • Lower Leg Waxing
    • Full Leg Waxing
  • Korea 3D Eyebrow
    • Korea 6D Eyebrow
    • Korea Eyeliner
    • Korea Lips
    • Eyelash Extension



+65 6702 6033

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