Belleza de Midori
  • 238 Thomson Road #03-43/44 Velocity @ Novena Square Singapore 307683
  • +65 6358 2900

Belleza de Midori

A peek inside Midori hair salon might leave you a little uncertain; the hair salon looks a little  ordinary and worn-out though the salon itself is kept clean and neat. Can a top hairstylist actually own this place?

Don’t just rely on appearances! Midori, the owner of the Belleza de Midori Salon, is one of the most sought after Japanese hairstylists in Singapore (since her time at Shunji Matsuo). From Flowerpod, Cozycot to Hardwarezone, Midori’s ability to give you a great haircut suited to your face shape has been mentioned across major forums and blogs! She does not seem to do that well with funky trendy new haircuts so do stick to safe haircuts with Midori. Other than Midori, there’s also Saito Masashi and Toko, both cheaper alternatives for a good Japanese cut. Saito seems rather well-known although Midori does seem to garner better reviews than Saito.

The only major complaints? Hair assistants are not as well trained so the blowdrying and hairwashing portion of the hair experience is not that ideal. Prices are also comparable to other Japanese hair salons with more modern and comfortable environment. Finally, service level drops during peak hours (when one hairstylist has to take care of several customers at the same time).

So choose your stylist wisely and make sure you go during off-peak results for best results!


Great place!

Belleza de Midori

Belleza de Midori

The Belleza de Midori is one of those salons that you need to see what's inside to know you're in for a great surprise. That's what happened to me. I was first skeptic about this salon until I finally tried it. And boy, I was very satisfied with the result1

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Among their many services are the following:

  • Haircut
  • Wash & Blow
  • Hair Colour
  • Perming
  • Hair Treatment
  • Tansan Treatment

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