Bliss Beauty
163 Thomson Road - Goldhill Shopping Centre Novena, 307616, Singapore
+65 6250 3777

Bliss Beauty

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Bliss Beauty is a beauty salon that focuses on giving the best service there is to their customers. Bliss Beauty is according to them made up of passionate, professional yet very warm and welcoming individuals.

They aim to always bring out your best look by surpassing expectations to what a conventional beauty salon is by providing very satisfactory results.

Beauty and wellness is an evolving concept with the emergence of new technologies to help aid such new techniques, therefore, prompting Bliss Beauty to continuously look out for new methodology and technology to deliver an even impressive result, bringing every customers and client faster to their desired goals.

Bliss Beauty aims for every one of their customers to come in stressed and go out blissful. With experienced professionals to help them, Bliss Beauty has come up with a wide array of services to choose from ranging from facial to slimming to massage to spa options, giving life to the best version of yourself.

Throughout the years, Bliss Beauty has continuously created bridges to customers who then became friends to them. Countless positive reviews from the ones who loved each treatment are the catalyst and proof of a more successful business.