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Blow + Bar

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Blow + Bar is a one of a kind, state of the art beauty salon. It is considered as very unique being the first and only hair salon in Singapore that mixed the very fun and classy lifestyle concept of hair and drinks in a bar-like environment.

Blow + Bar has become the talk of the town garnering the attention of the local media as well as the approval of the people and beauty professionals alike.

Blow + Bar not just gained the hearts of the beauty enthusiasts but it also collected awards and recognition from its award-winning hair treatments and services from “renowned international and local publications and the extensive coverage across all media platforms in less than 4 years speak for itself.”

Blow + Bar is famous for many things but what differs this award winning salon from others is its signature Blowouts – the exciting colours and unique drinks options that they offer.

Today, Blow + Bar is reaching places one would say “they made it” if they managed to expand there. These places are Jakarta, Indonesia and Beijing, China taking the flag of Singapore with them while presenting the same high quality service and satisfaction to the customer.

You can now, reward yourself with your favorite drink while relaxing and preparing to be the more beautiful version as you can be all in one place.