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1 coleman street #03-34, Singapore 179803
+65 6352 2362

CALEO Hair Salon


CALEO Hair Salon is a hair salon that is all about creating your personality with hairstyles and Personal Grooming Services that will give the world the best version of yourself.

Kelvin, the founder of CALEO Hair Salon is a very warm and friendly yet professional stylist. He maintains the whole vibe of the salon giving the customers not just good services but a friend as well.

Women raves about his talents because he can definitely nail every hairstyle that gets requested. Also, Men, who comes into the salon is very pleased with the result especially that he is very good with pompadour and comb-back haircuts!

According to one review from beautyundercover “Ladies looking for a change will also like how his digital perm adds natural waves and volume to their hair, without making it excessively dry. He is meticulous in what he does and is among the most patient hairstylists we’ve seen.”

At CALEO Salon, they offer the highest quality of services you can get at a very affordable price! Visit CALEO Hair Salon and get the finest services and feel like a VIP!