Robertson Walk, #02-15, 11 Unity Street, 237995
6836 7782

Casa Santosa


Casa Santosa is a wellness studio that first opened to the public in September 2011 by the founder Peggy Santosa.

Casa Santosa is primarily focused on creating a move devised method of healing that uses reiki. Casa Santosa, keeping its clients in mind, maintains an objective of finding the balance, and connection between the body and the mind offering different services which you can see below!

Peggy Santosa, a proud feminist believes that “Women busy because of the daily chores and taking care of the kids, as well as working women, have stress in both their bodies and minds. I would love for these women not to forget to take good care of themselves. Casa Santosa is a place for you to refresh your body and mind.”

Casa Santosa offers different treatments like yoga and clinical counseling making it the first private wellness center to just that while merging the care for the mind and the body.

Casa Santosa has a very unique mantra that aids them into becoming the best in the industry that is “setbacks in life are considered as opportunities for transformation and growth.”

At Casa Santosa, you will not only get the healing that you need but you will also leave the place with new acquaintances. Casa Santosa has very friendly and professional staffs that will guide you all throughout your journey in finding self-peace and healing.