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Celmonze The Signature

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Celmonze The Signature started in 1980 with a quest to discover active skin care ingredients that would inspire women all over the world through better skin care towards ultimate beauty and wellness.

Today, Celmonze International Laboratories comprises of five state-of-the-art research labs located across Europe and North America, with its headquarters based in the beautifully enchanting city of Paris.

Celmonze The Signature is an international thriving beauty salon with trustworthy skincare and innovative treatments with 50 outlets Malaysia and Singapore and global product distribution in New York, Singapore, and Brunei.

Their vision is to create endless innovation in the new age treatments. They create a reliable luxury beauty retreat that has all the top quality services for a full rejuvenation of mind, body and soul with their innovative treatments.

Their vision of creating endless innovation in the new age treatment has created an effective and proven skin solution, which build strong brand recognition. This is where the commitment of providing a service-oriented attitude and only serve the best in skincare products and treatments.

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