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Chelsea Aesthetics is a bespoke spa centre focusing on bringing out the best in you inside and out. Our mission is to provide safe, effective, and affordable treatments to our clients without compromising on the quality of our work. Chelsea Aesthetics synergises our knowledge and experience with spa treatments to form different holistic treatment programs for you. Modern-day problems require modern-day solutions. Combining over 20 years of practice and research experience, Chelsea Aesthetics presents distinctive spa treatments targeting different skin ailments, giving back the comfort and peace of mind you once had in your skin

Service Name Duration Price
Chelsea’s Signature (6-step) Skin Specific Facial
Chelsea’s Signature (6-step) Skin Specific Facial starts off by cleansing your pores through gentle exfoliation. A curated serum will be applied after a Milk Peel based on your skin type. A Cold Hammer is used to focus on relaxing the muscles, and reducing stress while improving blood circulation in the affected area. Using Photodynamic Therapy (PDT Light), exposing the skin to both Red Light and Blue Light promotes skin regeneration, reduces scarring, reduces oil production, and improves skin texture whilst killing acne-causing bacteria; decreasing signs of ageing.
60 mins $188.00 $128.00
Facial Reflexology & Detoxifying Ritual
Gua sha tools have been around since the Ming Dynasty and have been combined with traditional acupressure techniques and knowledge of the facial anatomy promote better flow of Qi and improve blood circulation. With the synergistic harmony of east-meets-west, this facial reflexology melts away your muscle tension and rejuvenates your skin by improving blood circulation and encouraging lymphatic drainage giving you the lifting effect you deserve.
60 mins $128.00 $88.00
Needleless Rejuran
Looking at Rejuran but afraid of needles? Introducing Needleless Rejuran, the latest breakthrough concept that allows you to rejuvenate your skin without the use of needles! Rejuran is well-known for its rejuvenating, healing, and anti-ageing properties. As the common French saying goes, "One must suffer to be beautiful". Not with Needleless Rejuran! Enjoy the full benefits of Rejuran without the negatives such as skin bumps, pain, and downtime. Dermoelectriporation (D.E.P) technology uses controlled electrical pulses to open the pores by 17 times. This increases the skin permeability to deliver the micro and macro molecules which are extracted from Salmon DNA, into the inner layer of the 2 main layers of the skin (known as dermis).
60 mins $350.00 $299.00

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