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14 Scotts Rd, #04-75/65 Far East Plaza Singapore 228213
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Chez Moi De Beaute

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Chez Moi De Beaute, pronounced ‘shay’ ‘mua’ ‘dee’ ‘boat-ay’. It is one of the most sought after beauty salon in Singapore today. One of the best in providing high quality beauty treatments since its conception in 1989.

Chez Moi De Beaute is a french name that  literally translate to “My House of Beauty”. And that’s exactly what Chez Moi De Beaute is all about. It is a beauty salon but it could also be your house of beauty.

Here at Chez Moi De Beaute the cosy ambience, friendly staff who know your name by heart. As well as caring, experienced therapists who will help you look and feel good. With customised beauty rituals and treatments will never get you unsatisfied.

At this beauty salon each and every customers is a friend. Their friendly staffs are there to guide you every step of the way on your journey in achieving your desired look. As with friends, there is no thoughtless pushing of products.

At Chez Moi, we blend skilful handwork with innovative technology to deliver quality treatments that will refresh and rejuvenate.