CITISPA @ Kaki Bukit Place 9 Kaki Bukit Place, MHF Centre, Singapore 416187
(65) 6848 5177



Citispa is a spa in Singapore that was launched in late 1997. Although, according to them, the Brand Ideology dates as far back as when as a teenager, Christine Tan, her founder.

Moreover, she gained her self confidence after switching to the use of contact lenses. Christine realized from this experience and those she later observed of others, how a small change to a woman’s appearance can transform her whole person.

Today, Citispa is celebrated as one of the most well-known spa in Singapore. And they offer a wide variety of services as more patrons come through their doors to try their treatments.

Among their many services, they offer 3D Magic LED Light Face Therapy, Ultimate Skin Revitalizing Face Therapy, and Bio-Energy Youth-Filler Face Therapy.