Citra Ayu Beauty And Spa

Citra Ayu Beauty And Spa

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Citra Ayu beauty & spa is an intimate and private beauty salon that uses only the finest and best quality beauty & spa products based essentially on natural ingredients to treat & pamper you.

Zubaeda Chalan Hasan (better known as Zuby) is a trained beautician and consultant, an educator and entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in the beauty, bridal and spa industry.

Her passion towards beauty, bridal and spa and her vast experience working with leading cosmetic companies were the main thrust for the birth of Citra Ayu Beauty & Bridal Services in 1996.

Zuby’s success in the beauty and bridal services gave her the confidence to introduce her own range of cosmetic products – Zuby de Beaute in 1999. Her cosmetic products emphasize on the concept and image of Pureness, Freshness and Simplicity with a huge intensive ingredients to preserve a younger looking radiant and healthier skin.

Citra Ayu Beauty And Spa maintains a vision provide new one-stop total solutions and experience for everyone to preserve their youth and enhance their beauty and charm.