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Welcome to My Cozy Room, an award-winning boutique spa located just off Orchard Road. Your Cozy experience will unfold in the tranquil charms of a romantic and plush heritage house on Cairnhill Road, a mini oasis where you can enjoy our specially designed range of treatments, effective for acne, clogged pores, and many other skin concerns.

 The quintessential Cozy experience is our signature bespoke facial, a holistic and effective treatment beloved even by celebrities and beauty queens for its immediate and long-lasting results.  Some of the most popular treatments include Premium Pore Extraction Facial, Anti-Acne LED Light Therapy, and the Premium Illuminating Facial.  

 We use only products from the internationally-renowned German skincare label BABOR, unmatched beauty pioneers with a focus on natural products and innovative active ingredients that will target all your skin concerns. From the charming ambiance to the skilled touch of each therapist, and a focus on achieving real results, each visit will leave you feeling utterly relaxed, rejuvenated, and like you’re glowing from within.

If you’re looking for a homely yet luxurious and pampering treat, My Cozy Room is the place to be.




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Among their many services are the following:


  • Anti-Acne Purifying Facial
  • Detox Clarifying Treatment
  • Dr. Babor Ultimate Blemish Treatment
  • Radiance Facial Treatment
  • Illuminating Premium Facial
  • Rose Quartz Stemcell Facial
  • Whitening Effect Treatment
  • Energizing Oxygen Treatment
  • Hydra Intense Treatment
  • Collagen Booster Treatment
  • Ultimate 3D Lifting Facial Treatment
  • Cryotherapy With ThermaLift Facial Treatment
  • Calming Sensitive Facial
  • Premium Soothing Skin Relief Facial
  • Dr. Babor Neurosensitive Facial
  • Glacier Crystal Eye Treatment
  • Cryo-Eye Therapy
  • Thermolift Eye Therapy
  • Sparkling Diamond Eye Treatment
  • Cryo-Face Therapy
  • ThermaLift Face Therapy
  • Diamond Peeling Facial
  • Platinum Brightening Mask
  • Alginate Premium Mask
  • ThermoLift Neck Treatment
  • Collagen Neck Treatment
  • Diamond Peel Back Treatment


  • My 4-In-1 Fruity Spa Indulgence
  • My Ginseng Anti-Aging Body Spa
  • My Anti-Jetlag Massage
  • My Cozy Massage (60min)
  • My Cozy Back & Shoulder Massage (45min)
  • My Cozy Back & Shoulder Massage (30min)
  • My Herbal Ball Full Body Massage
  • My Indulging Chocolaty Massage
  • My Soothing Hotstone Massage
  • My Full Body Scrub
  • My Soothing Foot Spa
  • My Full Body Whitening Wrap & Mask
  • 30 Min Body Massage
  • Soothing Foot Spa
  • Cellulite Body Ampoule


  • Bridal Premium Illuminating Facial
  • Bridal Cellular Renewal Facial
  • Bridal Beautifying Facial
  • Bridal Detoxifying Facial
  • Bridal Sparkling Eye Treatment
  • Bridal 2-in-1 Underarms & Decollete Treatment
  • Bridal Perky Butt/ Anti-Cellulite Thigh/ Flabby Arms/ Bloated Tummy Lymphatic Slimming Treatment
  • Bridal 2-in-1 Full Body Snow-White Treatment
  • Bride & Groom Love Quartz Body Massage
  • Bridal Make-Up Ampoules

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